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Friday, April 3, 2009

This story sha!!

The ambitious coach of a girls track team gives the squad steroids. The team's performance soars. They win the county and state championship until one day they are favored to win nationals easily. Penelope, a 16-year-old hurdler visits her coach and says, "Coach, I have a problem. Hair is starting to grow on my chest." "What?" the coach says in a panic, "How far down does it go?" She replies, "Down to my testicles. That's something else I want to talk to you about."
So we continue from HERE

Then her phone rings.....

She ignores it.

The other one rings

She pauses..

Don't, please don't is all that is going on in my head

DON'T YOU DARE PICK THAT PHONE I will her in my head

she walks to her bag....to her phones.... to leaving me with blue balls.... so slowly it was antagonizing. She smiled at me, i saw the glint again and it was then it dawned on me the smile was anything but innocent I'm the mouse, she the cat. She turns both phones of and walks straight to me...

"I want to dance on top of you" so she proceeds to give me this sensous lap dance while Marvin is on about being sensitive people. He got that right, mini me is totally sensitive people and wants to get it on. But no the cat wasn't done with her mouse. " Tell me what you want to do to me" she whispers in my ear, her voice husky as she archs her back na she dey feel this lap dance not me but who am i to complain, na to make sure sey dis firewood catch and burn well well. Mini me is becoming impatient so i decide to roam a bit, my hands find the zip to the tube and rrrrrrrrrrp down it goes releasing 2 wonderful mountains that i busy my mouth with sucking... licking... teasing with my thumb and index moving from one to the other pleasing this vixen. "Arrrgh!!" she screams, it's not black berry this time it's the real deal the sexily erotic real deal.

She pushes me on to the carpet on my way down, i see a glint in her eyes the look of a woman out for revenge....Sexual revenge. Slowly she pulls off my shorts takes a look at mini me and smiles .0&%*^$&, total gibberish is all i can come up with as she takes mini in her mouth nipping, licking sucking ^*%$&"@! more gibberish cos she's looking at me while she's working her magic slowly i lose control, the more i struggle the more the pleasure. I push away she leans in now i understand the look; there is no escaping this I implode, then explode she takes it all with a smile gets up and heads to the bathroom. The roles reverse I'm back to being the mouse again.

"I will not lose!!!" it's time to bring out the big guns; The ring and the straps. I jump her as she comes out of the bath working her till she reaches the bed. With a slight push, she falls into it. Joining her i spread her on the bed taking one hand *snap* it's held in place. "Relax"; my response to her questioning look "lets have some fun" as the other hand gets bound *snap*. I take a black ascot and tie her eyes. Now she can't see just hear and feel. I spread her legs *snap* stretch across her and *snap*. She's fully bound now, spread eagled on my bed i step back and look at my prize for the taking. It's time i introduce her to my assistant the bullet "Arrrgh" she screams even louder as the vibrations hit her clit "I want you inside me... Arrrgh" as my fingers join the bullet and my mouth explores her body from her luscious breasts to her stomach finding her navel and teasing with her juices flow all over my fingers as they find and massage that spot.

"Please mmmmmm I beg you please" She screams and writhes as she comprehends her bondage, it dawns on her that i will do with her as i please. "I want you oh God I want you" is all she can say she's becoming lucid as pleasure wracks her brain "ohhh!!! please i beg you...I want to cumm....I'm going to cumm" she's whimpering in a candle lit room with blues in the background. That's my cue; I stop and get off the bed, vibrating ring, strap and heating lubricant all from durex play while i'm poised to attack. "Where are you? what are you doing? O O!!!" I'm the boss now in this our game of cat and mouse. she's hysterical beginning to panic she can't see me but i'm smiling. This is not just about mindblowing sex it's a war and there can be only one winner in this game of cat and mouse.. Me

Her panic doesnt let her hear me get on the bed, doesn't let her comprehend till she feels mini me vibrating inside her she's screaming "you bastard arrrgh you're good mmm" as her pleasure overtakes her. "I'm cumming"; she screams as she writhes against her bonds moving her hips to match the rythm of my thrusts going faster so i match the rythm of her hips craving release. I feel her shudder and shake as her release comes, i hold her tight pounding hard till i get to the point of no return. Release........

I take of the blindfold with a kiss, releasing her from her bonds taking in her body glistening from sweat in the candle light. A body so perfect, my M.I.L.F hot sexy M.I.L.F. A shower and a movie later she's ready to go back home. She gets into her car and gives me the smile with that glint in her eyes as she drives out.

Back in the house i hear my phone... Msg
Her: Ps i left my panties in your bag. see you in Dubai

One more part Guys Hold up



  1. carajo!
    la suya es más que homevedio.

    you said short story.

    she sampling you to confirm u'd give "it" goooooood to her niece in more ways than one?

    Esperamos a la Parte IV

  2. in the words of Olu Jacobs in "3rd Eye" - "i wonder. i just wonder."

  3. see you in Dubai? for real?

    la chica no juega!

  4. Damn!!!!
    Why do bloggers lik dis suspense rubbish eh?

    Finish d post or else I'll do a Hercules on yall(yes I knw my Greek mythology)

    Vamos!! Oh yeah, fourth!!!

  5. Lol... *evem more determined to get O now...*

  6. i knew there was more to O than meets the eye. At first while reading this, i thought this was M (pls dont ask me why). in short, u guys are starting to confuse me!

  7. oh boy..

    that was something..


  8. Splash & Qube: la historia es finito Ahora.

    Buttercup: It was something.

    Miss Lowlah: Getting me or me getting you is going to be nothing but pleasure.

    Socio: Yyyup meet me in Dubai

    Bumight: The recluse will always have a suprise up their sleeves. M and i have a few things in common but that's where it stops.

  9. phew!

    this is the second time today that one of u guys has made me drool, and it wasn't from my mouth! (ew! i so did not just say that lol!)

    Mothers I'ld Love To F*** yea?

    So, what happened in Dubai? and how is H?

    when do i start my spanish lessons?

  10. Miss Lowlah, u are very welcome to O, he can be such a sourpuss! as u can see the whole time, it wsnt about the pleasure for him, it was war *rolls eyes*

  11. Smaragd my pleasure comes from giving pleasure seeing me manipulate you till you lose control knowing that you're enjoying every minute of it and I'm totally in control of your pleasure.



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