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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MY: To Chari and Buttercup

Senor Dime piece wrote this to his Prima Donna Sirius (read it right here) and it reminded me so much of my time with kryptonite. I say my time because Kryptonite left me over for over 9 months now, I just broke up with her today so i guess you can say I'm finally moving on. Thank you O.

(O called me to announce that kryptonite is in a relationship and thinks she loves him so i should finally put her to rest with glee and elation being the fascist and sadist that he is.)

I still haven't had any inspiration to shoot or write even though M's epiphany has given me a resolve to pick up my camera. But I'm building up momentum and to get things kicking, I'm gonna pull in a blast from the past year and dedicate them to a few folks i find inspiring.

U & I; Two letters next door on my keyboard,
U & I; Two hearts entwined, ready to face the world.
U & I; Seemingly perfect for each other
U & I; A bond made to last forever.
U & I;Let's stay TOGETHER

I tooke the picture and wrote this a while back when kryptonite was the U next to my I on the keyboard.

Today it's Dedicated to Chari & Buttercup.

Abrazos a todos from El loco Hombre.


  1. very nice..cant see the pic, but I reckon it's the same one?

  2. LOL @ Prima Donna Sirius.

    Awww......I like U & I.

    What happened between you and Kyrptonite?
    Good you finally let go though.
    I've been through a lot dealing with someone really close who hard a very hard time letting go........and to be honest you don't want to do that to someone else.

  3. very cool!

    the pic totally captures the words written underneath...now i'm jealous! chari and buttercup get a post dedicated to them? sheesh! lol

  4. awwwwwwwwwww! esto era muy dulce, gracias! :D

    sowee bout u and Kryptonite..

    lol @ Bumight..

  5. awww.. nice one.. it can only b B'cup & Charix ;-)

  6. awww, dass ist eigentlich sehr süss von dir Ceberus!

    are u going to write a post about the first ever commenter on ur blog ? (bats lashes)...just asking...lol

  7. Senora Sirius:
    Muchas gracias. I guess O is good for somethings after all. Kryptonite and I were a classic case of her imagined me not meeting up with the real me.

    Gracias Amigo

    What can i say * shrug* they inspire me.

    Nothing to be sorry about all's well that ends well.

    Your turn might be right the corner. About the spanish lessons ;)

  8. Ochuko: Thanks for stopping by and your comment.


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