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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

O on: 6 days... DAY 5

It's 3am and I'm wide awake. The devil in me is pounding the ish out of the little angel HOW DARE YOU WRECK MY PLAN YOU SOFT IDIOT. Hottie is fast asleep and even asleep she's as sexy as hell. Thing is i don't do sleep overs, I sleep in my bed alone. I give up trying to get any sleep and head to the mini bar pour myself a drink and call a few people in the far east. 3 stiff drinks later i fall asleep on the couch. I wake up to find myself covered with a blanket and hottie gone.

I leave early tomorrow morning so today na today. I do my shopping and sort things out with the bank 'cos as much as i hate this rainy country, I have quite a few things tied down here. Last but not least i stop at a store i regularly frequent to pick up a necklace for hottie. I have this thing about buying women jewelry, My way to make up for what is to come. Back to the hotel to drop off the bags then i get a msg from hottie; "Don't know why you will leave your bed to sleep on the couch.". Damn!! how do i explain this... Devil slaps the angel again See what you've caused.

I head back to the hotel to drop off my things and pack. I have a 6 am to catch tomorrow and i don't want to waste any time. Packing done, I call hottie; start by telling her yesterday was wonderful and i get a lot of phone calls from my partners in the far east so i had to move far away so as not to disturb her. She's feeling silly now 'cos she apparently has the wrong impression. She goes on to tell me how yesterday was so perfect and what plans i have for the evening. None i tell her and she invites me to dinner at her place she's cooking. I tell her I'll be there for 7 she tells me to come earlier so I'm off to hers for 5.

I knock at her door and a naked hottie opens and pulls me in. I kick the door shut my lips finding hers as i drop the bag so my hands can explore this luscious creation find her crevices. We're knocking into things so i hoist her as i move as if on auto pilot straight to her living room. It's nice but there's no time for a tour the only exploring I intend to do is her body and the limits she's willing to go. She told me yesterday she loves her side being nibbled on so i head straight there. I'm Tracing lines with my tongue... nibbling on that perfect body working my hands behind her back letting my nails scratch a bit.. she likes it so i do it a bit harder.

Take off your clothes she says and i oblige performing a little strip tease in a candle lit living room. I smell something in the kitchen it's nice but I cant be bothered with that I've got something much nicer in front of me. She comes closer to look at my tattoos as proceeds to trace the one on my side with her mouth. "Did it hurt" she asks but i lift her and drop her on the coffee table spreading her legs and proceeding to kiss from her right knee heading north flick past her wet lips working to her left knee

I head back to her core, circling her clit with my mouth... exploring her sweet spot with my tongue.. Her moaning is driving me wild damn i want this piece of hotness spread in front of me.
My middle finger probes searching for her spot, my index flicks working with my tongue. her moaning becomes louder as i feel her tremors. She sits up on the stool and takes me in her mouth. Hottie is a pro and I'm beginning to have stars burst in my head. I wanna collapse as i search for support she smiles and says "no stand like a man". As the pleasure wafts over me and my knees begin to buckle, the smell of smoke brings us back to reality just before the smoke detector begins it's shrill squeal. So much for dinner.



  1. Hmmmmmmmm dis is gettin hotter by d day.....too bad d story is gonna cme 2 an end,im gonna miss readin bout u nd hottie.

  2. Yup lady, Just one more day left.

  3. wow, jeez. that's too much for dinner, really.

  4. oh my f*cking days lol excuse the cursing

  5. lol...blogville dont need me no more socio..u got this..hol it down

  6. @ Shawty: Lol

    @Peaches: You're very excused, cussing is allowed on here

    @SMF: Don't even think about it bro.

  7. I see your games worked after all..coooooooooooooool..lol..


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