The content of this blog is not the figment of imagination but the recollection in word or prose of events as they occur to three powerful minds.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and spare the guilty of vilification.


El contenido de este blog no es el producto de la imaginacion, pero el recuerdo de palabra o de la prosa de los acontecimientos a medida que se producen a tres mentes poderosas.

Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

O on: 6 days... Into day 6

She rushes into the kitchen with me right behind. I'm cussing in my head at the interruption, it's safe to say i won't be having any of hottie's cooking. We decide to order take out instead. She grabs the phone to order and i get back to work taking her nipple in my mouth sucking and nibbling. Her attempt to make her order begins to amuse me. "can i have ummm spe ummm err special fried rice with with" " stop" she whispers to me pushing me away. She finally makes the order and gets off the phone. I see it in her eyes, Now it's time for some fun.

There is no need for foreplay as she pushes me to the kitchen top, no need for comfort as she climbs on the table top. Straddling me with her feet on the table her hands holding onto the bars on the window i now know she's not just hot and sexy, this vixen is flexible and knows her sex. I slide into her and we start off slowly picking up speed by the second till we're full speed ahead. I bury my head in her breasts moving from mound to mound giving each care that is neither loving or tender.

Hottie's moans grow louder and i know she's close so we switch positions. Her back suspended from the kitchen top, her hands supporting her from it's edges. I hold her butt cheeks and continue thrusting. We both know dinner will be here soon and we don't want to be interrupted. Her tremors begin and i feel my knees begin to buckle so i push her well onto the table and put some more horse power into it. Her moans become louder as my breathing changes into a grunt. To the untrained ear, the sound of pure animalistic pleasure emanating from hottie's kitchen will leave them baffled. With a guttural moan hottie lets herself go and hearing her orgasm has me dropping my load.

Ping the bell rings and dinner is here, hottie goes to find a robe and get dinner while i take my time to explore her flat. Her flat is just as sexy as she is. Simply decorated but you can see and feel the theme and intensity in the place, pretty much like a mac. "Nice place" I tell her when she finally gets back. "Thank you" she whispers as she motions for me to follow her leading me into her bathroom. It's candle lit as well, pretty obvious hottie had a plan. We take a long shower taking turns soaping each other and washing off and toweling before heading back to the living room to have dinner.

Dinner is washed down with some white wine. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca keeps us company. Apparently, Hottie likes the classics as well. That's another thing i have in common with this bombshell. "Mind blowing sex with a bombshell, dinner and a classic movie; not a bad way to spend my last night" I'm thinking to myself as i relax and sip on some more vino. It's getting late and I know I have to leave soon cos I need to catch some sleep before heading to the airport. It's as if hottie is reading my mind cos she pulls my face to hers and looks me straight in the eyes.

There is no need to say anything, our eyes speak and our souls understand even before our brains comprehend the language of sex. I carry her into her bedroom and drop her on the bed there are no lights on and there is no need for any. We begin to explore slowly in total darkness finding places that bring pleasure, mentally recording them till we both slowly reach the peak and implode right before we explode.

As my taxi takes me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning of day 6, my mind goes back to a scene from last night. When my ride called to let me know he was waiting outside to take me back to the hotel i answered"I'm coming" only for me to hear hottie whisper "me too.. me too" I smile when I remember hottie's words. I smile because I know I will be back to this rainy country, back to the 90% devil 10% angel.

Ps. The necklace was forgotten till i got back to sunny country. She found it but hasn't worn it she said she's waiting for me to come put it on her.

O on: 6 days... DAY 5

It's 3am and I'm wide awake. The devil in me is pounding the ish out of the little angel HOW DARE YOU WRECK MY PLAN YOU SOFT IDIOT. Hottie is fast asleep and even asleep she's as sexy as hell. Thing is i don't do sleep overs, I sleep in my bed alone. I give up trying to get any sleep and head to the mini bar pour myself a drink and call a few people in the far east. 3 stiff drinks later i fall asleep on the couch. I wake up to find myself covered with a blanket and hottie gone.

I leave early tomorrow morning so today na today. I do my shopping and sort things out with the bank 'cos as much as i hate this rainy country, I have quite a few things tied down here. Last but not least i stop at a store i regularly frequent to pick up a necklace for hottie. I have this thing about buying women jewelry, My way to make up for what is to come. Back to the hotel to drop off the bags then i get a msg from hottie; "Don't know why you will leave your bed to sleep on the couch.". Damn!! how do i explain this... Devil slaps the angel again See what you've caused.

I head back to the hotel to drop off my things and pack. I have a 6 am to catch tomorrow and i don't want to waste any time. Packing done, I call hottie; start by telling her yesterday was wonderful and i get a lot of phone calls from my partners in the far east so i had to move far away so as not to disturb her. She's feeling silly now 'cos she apparently has the wrong impression. She goes on to tell me how yesterday was so perfect and what plans i have for the evening. None i tell her and she invites me to dinner at her place she's cooking. I tell her I'll be there for 7 she tells me to come earlier so I'm off to hers for 5.

I knock at her door and a naked hottie opens and pulls me in. I kick the door shut my lips finding hers as i drop the bag so my hands can explore this luscious creation find her crevices. We're knocking into things so i hoist her as i move as if on auto pilot straight to her living room. It's nice but there's no time for a tour the only exploring I intend to do is her body and the limits she's willing to go. She told me yesterday she loves her side being nibbled on so i head straight there. I'm Tracing lines with my tongue... nibbling on that perfect body working my hands behind her back letting my nails scratch a bit.. she likes it so i do it a bit harder.

Take off your clothes she says and i oblige performing a little strip tease in a candle lit living room. I smell something in the kitchen it's nice but I cant be bothered with that I've got something much nicer in front of me. She comes closer to look at my tattoos as proceeds to trace the one on my side with her mouth. "Did it hurt" she asks but i lift her and drop her on the coffee table spreading her legs and proceeding to kiss from her right knee heading north flick past her wet lips working to her left knee

I head back to her core, circling her clit with my mouth... exploring her sweet spot with my tongue.. Her moaning is driving me wild damn i want this piece of hotness spread in front of me.
My middle finger probes searching for her spot, my index flicks working with my tongue. her moaning becomes louder as i feel her tremors. She sits up on the stool and takes me in her mouth. Hottie is a pro and I'm beginning to have stars burst in my head. I wanna collapse as i search for support she smiles and says "no stand like a man". As the pleasure wafts over me and my knees begin to buckle, the smell of smoke brings us back to reality just before the smoke detector begins it's shrill squeal. So much for dinner.


Monday, April 27, 2009

The 8's Meme

So it's the 8's meme and the tag came from El socio Scribbles it's a bit too much for either of us to handle so the entire Cerberus will attack this. here goes

8 Things I look forward to

1. April Salary
2. Miss lowlah in the summer
3. Moving into my own place
4. Xmen Origins: Wolverine
5. Catching up on my shows.. L word, Greys, Boston Legal, Entourage internet here is too crappy to download
6. London... Barcelona.... Amsterdam in the summer
7. The new business deal i'm working on
8. End of the Bloody Nigerian stock market crisis

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Uploaded day 3
2. Downloaded updates for my mac
3. Went to the beach but changed my mind at the entrance
4.Met up with H
5. Started my protein diet again
6. Planned my week
7. Called my lawyer
8. Read a bit

8 Things I wish to do

1. Talk and listen to God
2. Write a 5 year plan
3. Become closer to my dad
4. Drink, everyday
5. Sleep like a regular human being
6. Become a 0 goaler before the year ends
7. Own my own Estancia
8. Own an art gallery in Barcelona

8 shows I watch

1. Heroes
2. L word
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Boston Legal
5. Entourage
6. One on One
7. Private Practice
8. Gossip girl

8 Bloggers tagged
1. Sirius
2. Smaragd
3. Bumight
4. Roc
5. Qube
6. Danny B
7. juiceegal
8. Buttercup

O on: 6 days... DAY 4

The day breaks and it's day 4. I slept little last night, My thoughts centered around hottie. Like a crack addict in a crack house i wrestled with my phone all night resisting the urge to call her. The strategist in me prevailed so i slept fitfully. Today i have nothing to do except hottie business is done and the next 2 days are mine. I call cousin to let her know i will be coming to pick my adorable nieces I plan to take them to the theme park to make up for sending gifts every time but not showing up. From ten they are mine cousins says so i rush to get ready. I aim to show hottie a different side of me today, so i call her and invite her to come along, "Ok" is her hesistant reply as i tell her i'm picking her up by 10.

I pick up a fully loaded picnic basket and a 2 bottles of rose from the front desk. Pick up kids then hottie and off we go. It's a wonderful day and with wonderful days in rain country everyone is out. Conversation is bright as always when you have kids in the car. Hottie is enjoying herself, smiling shyly whenever she catches my furtive glances. She's chatting with the kids just what i had in mind. guard down totally relaxed. I'm relaxed too, no sinister plans just out to enjoy the day. The night is another matter entirely * Wink*

The park is packed so i find us a spot and lay out the blanket. The kids are rearing to go so i let them. "you're great with them" hottie says as they bound off like they had NOS for breakfast. The blanket is laid and hottie takes shape on the grass. DAMN she's hot and and there is nothing sexier than a girl who knows she is sexy. I lay out the spread and root out the first bottle of bubbly, *POP* it's open and i pour. We sip and she blurts out what's been on her mind " O what do you want from me?" The fact that I'm off in a few days has her mind thinking in only one direction. Though today isn't a day of gaming, The strategist in me will never let her know how i truly feel.

I tell her the same thing i did yesterday " I want you.. all of you... one day at a time .... let's start with now" as i offer her some finger food. She takes a bit of my finger with the food with a glint in her eye. We converse about everything, why i hardly come to rain country even though practically my entire family is there.... love.... life...... sex.... till we empty the first bottle. The kids come back and we have lunch i can see hottie is thoroughly enjoying herself as my ever active nieces convince her to join in on their fun. Me I'm the boring uncle so I'm content to watch them play. As we hit the final phase of the day at the park and hottie and i actually get on a few rides. She's holding on to me and it feels good.

We walk around the park hand in hand, no serious contact. Today is going to be easy going absolutely no games just carpe diem. She stops and looks at me and tells me "You have me confused, what do you like about me" i don't answer, I kiss her. Long and deep exploring her mouth, tangling tongues, drinking her in like an elixir my life depended on. When we break off i tell her " we can start with the way you kiss" she looks at me, about to say something then thinks better of it. we continue to walk till we circle back, pick up the basket and get the kids, It's time to go back home.

We drop off the kids and head off to have dinner. Dinner goes by and I ask her what she would like to do. "let's go to yours" she says in one breath, the look in her eyes tells me tonight is the night so we head of to mine. We sit at the balcony and sip on the last bottle of rose. Taking in the sights. Maroon 5 blaring from my ipod, we continue conversing I get back in and get a blanket cos it's beginning to get chilly.

We're cuddling and making out in the love seat and she tells me she doesn't want tonight to end 'cos it's too perfect. With the city passing beneath us i tell her "we're not having sex tonight" as she looks at me i tell her i just want to hold her and wake up next to her because it's now more than sex for me. Time passes in the love seat as day 4 passes with it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

O on: 6 days.... Day 3

It's day 3 and I'm a man with a mission. I wake up bright and early so i can get business out of the way to enjoy an evening of pleasure on my way to my meeting, I make a reservation at my favorite restaurant. I think about hottie all through my meeting then i call but she doesn't pick up. For me, that's totally perfect.

She returns my call, I reject it and then send her a message; In a meeting let's have dinner i'm thinking Japanese and i know this place that has the best sashimi.

Cousin already told me she was crazy about sushi and like any man ready to play the game, i knew more about her than she thought. Finding out she liked japanese as well kinda upped her a few points in my book. When she replies, " where and what time?" I know, once again it's touche...

Meeting is over, I rush home to change before heading out stopping at the florists before getting there to pick up a dozen white carnations. Tonight i have only one mission; to enjoy some wonderful sashimi, and charm my way into the core of hottie's being. I'm early which is perfect cos i have time to give the maitre'd my instructions.... Leave a water vase filled with water on the table, break up the bouquet and bring the first stem with the sake, 3 stems to follow the first, then 5 stems, then 2 stems and finally the last. All with 10 minute intervals and they should come with rolled notes i just scribbled. Now the stage is set.

I sit and wait, drinking a some sake to kill time till she arrives. She's late but comes looking like the hottie she is. I'm staring.. scratch that I'm oogling and practically eating up my eye candy before the evening begins. it's so bad i have to really check myself so i don't get ahead of the plan *wink*. "How did you know i liked Japanese food" her first question as she sits. i smile without saying a word as i order the sake along with water. The sake comes with the water and the first carnation. she read the one lined note, " white flag" she looked at me and asks, "what's this for?" "last night" is my reply in the most seemingly non-challant manner i can put on because my aim is to unbalance hottie and play her emotions hot and cold.

"You're not getting off that easy"
her reply and i knew she had risen to the bait. Nothing more was said as the waiter arrives and takes our orders i take her hand from across the table gazing into her eyes, i see her waiting for an explanation which is not forthcoming as i weave our conversation to her day. Then the next batch arrives. Her expression changes as she reads " I will always give as good as i get..".

" What do you mean?
she asks? as i smile telling her I'm a mirror and will only reciprocate what i get. before she can react, i change the subject again asking about her plans and keeping the conversation flowing away from the apparent. Her face is tightening and i know my aim is being achieved.. Internal mulling and confusion. Dinner arrives, Seared salmon ngiri sushi as we savor dinner with more sake.

"What happened to you yesterday?" she asks and i know the geyser has burst. Like clockwork, more carnations arrive and she goes straight for the note "games can be tiring" Her expression is priceless, sheer and total confusion " i don't get you" she says to which i reply, "very few people do, Just enjoy the evening, enjoy us" As i take her hand in mine again. The sake begins to take effect as the physical contact and flirting begins in earnest.

She get's up to go where women go, i pay the bill so that doesn't delay me. as she get's to meet the final package is on the table she's hesistant to read the notes but she does "i have 3 days left"
" I want you..."

we leave the restaurant not long after playing my last hand for the night, i drive straight to her estate and park. Now she's confused because bringing her straight home was the last thing she was expecting. I sense her hesitation as she gets down from the car, her confusion as we walk to her house. she pauses as we reach her door and as our eyes lock i know for her, games are over.

Our lips lock and tongues tangle. The passion erupts like a volcano and at that moment, I stop and tell her goodnight my final play to end the evening. A play that at this point could either make or break the plan. She's quiet in shock but she manages to mumble a reply as i walk to my car without looking back. Wether i had conquered this 90% devil 10% angel at this point i'm not sure.

My thoughts as i drive back to the hotel are mottled centering on me wondering if i had taken it too far because you see, i was beginning to fall for hottie and i wanted this to last for longer than 6 days. I wanted her to be a reason for me to leave the sun for unpredictable weather.

As i enter my room, my phone beeps with a message: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME O?.

I smile as i reply ending day 3

my reply was simple, just one word. YOU.

Friday, April 24, 2009

O on: 6 days.... Day 2

My family decides to have a barbecue and I'm just the excuse because according to them, it's not often the prodigal son comes home. BBQ is at my cousin's and hottie is there to help with the arrangements. it's summer and the weather is great. hottie is flaunting those legs at me taking her time to cross my path while acting non challant to the point where i even question if yesterday happened.. I'm beginning to love every minute... Relishing what taking her down will feel like. I decide to take the game to her.... non chalance it is. After all, i won't be getting some.

I whip out my phone and make a phone call. It's to a girl from my past, Brazilian- Lebanese totally hotter than hottie. Nothing had happened between us and i know nothing ever will but she has this impression she can reform me so I let her. She's perfect for what I have in mind... Perfect for my little game. Let's call her hotter.

Me: hello you guess who is in town
Her: I don't believe you
Me: It's true but I'm around only for a few days. Listen I'm having a barbecue it would be lovely to see you
Her: I would love to but I'm having lunch with a client so I'll run a bit late.
Me: sure. it's at..... giving her the address.

Hottie See's me smiling, she thinks it's at her and resumes her haughty attitude. Little does she know.

I get into the preparations. Off with the shirt as the tattoos glisten in the sun. Lugging trays of drinks in to the basin, breaking Ice into them getting ready to party.
I decide to go get some Liquor I'm expecting some of the old guard and just like me they like to keep it neat. She decides she needs to get to the store as well. Perfect timing.. she knows how to play and I'm loving this.

why are you ignoring me she asks her manner like she's offended and I'm supposed to now be on the defensive. "I'm giving as good as I'm getting miss" I retort as my phone rings leaving me with the final word. Touche Round one.....

I stay on the phone the entire time. Not on purpose though, it's a prospective partner and I'm trying to move a meeting the next month to now so I can kill multiple birds with one stone. She pouts her first show of emotion but I whisper "it's business" with a shrug. This is going just perfectly.

Let's hit the FWD button.. arrangements concluded. chicken is on the grill. Hottie is off home to change and family plus friends begin to arrive. I'm on the lookout for hottie cos it's 2 hours and she still hasn't arrived the cool is beginning to wear off after all, what's a game if there is only one player? her arrival is announced by a few of the old guard who are wondering who the hottie is I turn to see her. Ebony beauty glistening in summer sun. Our eyes lock and she smiles she obviously planned this now she's the centre of attention as the dogs begin to circle. I'm cool scratch that.. Ice cold my smile says amused, my face.... enjoy. She's loving the attention and sending her message clear and distinct I DECIDE cos I've got options.

It's getting late and my date hasn't arrived I'm getting tired of conversating with people and beginning to get irritated cos this is not the plan.. Ice cool is cracking so i fire off a MSG
"where are you???" and the reply comes "should be there in 5 minutes couldn't find parking"
oh yesssss now it's on.

She arrives and the dogs descend but she's not interested cos she's on a mission, searching for your boy. Hottie sees her competition but doesn't comprehend till hotter crosses the yard to where i am. doesn't comprehend till I begin to hug hotter in a way that has all the dogs plus the old guard nearly blind with jealousy... who says patience doesn't pay off??

I dedicate all my time to hotter watching hottie in the corner of my eye the whole time. Our conversation is platonic but from a distance, it looks totally romantic and we continue for hours. From the corner of my eye is see hottie's demeanour change. Now she's irritated with her suitors but that's not what I'm waiting for. She tries to grab my attention from across the yard, I ignore her willing her to come and come she does.

"Sis M (my cousin) is looking for you" her excuse for coming. I play along then play a hand with my straightest poker face making the introductions. If looks could kill, this would be an epitaph for hotter. I make my excuses leaving them both to find my cousin who of course wasn't looking for me but needed me all the same.

By the time I get back, the dogs have circled after all hottie and hotter in the same spot added bonus for them till hotter leaves the fray for me. I wish i could imagine hottie's thoughts...
She whispers in my ear, "I'll have to leave soon" to which i tell her I'll walk her whenever she's ready. And we keep conversing in combination with subtle flirting. Hottie is getting worked up. Jealousy can change beings LoL

It's time for hotter to go and I see her off. The barbecues is fading like the embers on the grill so i decide to take my time in coming back. I call up an old friend and hotter drops me off at his.

3 hours later, my phone beeps.


wondering if you're coming back soon.

i reply,

not sure why?

come and finish what you started.

I ignore the message and spend quality time with my friend. a few missed calls later i arrive back at my cousin's. she's gone of course but it's the end of day 2 and the game is fully in my hands now.


M on:what size are your shoes

I lost a friend in the past week. He was more than a friend, he was the president of my polo club and the epitome of humility. After we laid him to rest on Wednesday, who can replace him was the question on everyone's lips.

Let me tell you a bit about El Presidente.... In life he was extremely simple. Africa's largest producer of catfish yet never ate fish. A billionaire that i can count his clothes, and owned only one car. In life he was the definition of altruism In death his simplicity remained. Even the elements gave voice to his passing. As we proceeded with his coffin led by 50 polo players and his steed, ALL the power lines sparked as his coffin went by and i kid you not.
We buried him in his factory with absolutely no fanfare in a way i wish to be buried myself.

Services will be held for him in South Africa, England and France in the coming week because in his short sojourn on earth, This Nigerian known as BABA ELEJA ( father of fish) Touched lives in many continents.

No matter how he toil and strive
The fate of every man alive
With luck will be to lie alone,
His empty name cut in a stone.

Grim time the fairest fame will flout,
But though his name be blotted out,
And he forgotten with his peers,
His stone may wear a year of years.

No matter how we sow and reap
The end of all is endless sleep;
From strife a merciful release,
From life the crowning prize of Peace.

(c) Epitaph BY Robert Service

Vayo Con Dios El Presidente....

Who can fill his shoes? we asked.. who can take up his role?
Answer was, no one can. His shoes are too big to fit anyone not even the best of us.

Death will come to all but before it comes, we will go through life each with our personal goals and ambitions but will we impact others as we go on?

My friend's death has caused me to rethink my approach and my attitude of "Do what i can when i can" to others.

At his internment, cries of "ta lo ma se wa bi oga" ( who will ever treat us like the boss) rained in the air being testimony to his life even in his death.

What will my shoes be when i leave this earth? Will they be too large for anyone man to fit into or even worse, too little to be counted as worth fitting into.

........My thoughts as i write this.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

O on: 6 days... DAY 1

A guy suspected that his wife was cheating on him so he hired a Chinese detective... The cheapest one he could find.

This is his report:


You leave house, I watch house.
He come house, I watch.
He and she leave house, I follow.
He and she go hotel, I climb tree.
I look window.
He kiss she, she kiss he.
He strip she, she strip he.
She play with he, He play with she, I play with me.
I fall off tree, I no see.
No fee,

Cheng lee.
"Let's just be clear, I'm not having sex with you" she said to me while we were having a few drinks and waiting for our movie to start.....

I met her when i made a quick stop over to see my family on a flight to New York. I had been neglecting family on my quest to fatten my bank account so i saw this as an opportunity for redemption. My cousin screams as she opens the door, her joy unparalleled. As i stepped in to get off my feet, there she was. Caramel skinned bombshell sitting down in the most seductive pose. My cousin makes the introductions, me the entrepreneur cousin based in the middle east, she the neighbors daughter a good girl stress on the good girl by my cousin. Hers was a look of amusement, mine seemingly offish but the glare of a predator.

"I'm here for less than an hour but I'll pass by and spend a week on my way back from New York" i promise to stifle my cousins disappointment.
A week later I'm back and it's dejavu. same scenario hottie in my cousin's loving room. I'm around for 6 days so it's time to make my move and this is day 1.

I settle in and go off to change. I come back and hottie is still lounging. Feigning ignorance i ask "what's there to do in this town?" nothing really" she said, "I'm planning to go see a movie, you could come along if you want." so off to the cinema we go. It's early so we go grab a dinner and i turn on the charm. Tell me about you she asks as she subtly begins to flirt. So much for being a good girl i chuckle. remaining as mysterious as ever, the flirting began in earnest. Picking the speck on her chin... The slight caress of those sexy legs. She responds to my teasing as our legs speak a language of their own underneath the table.
2 bottles of wine later it's about time for the movie to start. "Let's just be clear, I'm not having sex with you" she states on her way up from her chair. I smile gracefully accepting the challenge as we step into the theater.
She leads, i follow straight to the back row. The movie starts but there's no watching, my fingers are doing what they do best, seeking out the spot, probing circling, stroking. The people in the cinema exclaim in excitement, she does out of sheer pleasure all through a feature film right till the very end.
As we head back in a black cab going our separate ways i know it's just for a while... call it the devil within me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My on: The one word meme

Bumight tagged me in this and i promised to get right on it after the Lagos project which i'm glad people liked. so here goes.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* Dont google ur answers.
*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: MY

2. A four Letter Word: Mugu

3. A boy's Name: Marx

4. A girl's Name: Maru

5. An occupation: Mistress

6. A color: maroon

7. Something you'll wear: Muffler

9. A food: moin moin

10. Something found in the bathroom: Mouthwash

11. A place: Marbella

12. A reason for being late: Money

13. Something you'd shout: Maldito Sea

14. A movie title: Mama mia

15. Something you drink: Monkey tail

16. A musical group: Man against machine

17. An animal: Monkey

18. A street name: Av dr. Marnon ( it's in Barcelona)

19. A type of car: M3

20. The title of a song: mama- boys to men

I tag... errm anyone who reads this.. less than 20 people come on here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MY on:: Lagos....165 sotries to go

We work to build lagos, a cityscape that will be famous,
Though our progress be tedious, The fruit of our labour will be joyous.
Building our lagos, a process which will make us whine,
We will complain about inconvenience and abject waste of time.
All of it will end, the beginning of a new trend,
A government of the people a government that's your friend.
Lagos my Lagos, 165 stories to go
The people of Lagos, we will get there.........
That i know.

El loco Hombre

That's the last of the series and my monopoly on the Den. So it wasn't 3 days but i hope you enjoyed it.


Friday, April 17, 2009

My on: Blessed are the hardworking

She gives her soul for the Lagos dream
her reward is great contrary as it may seem
Blessed are the hardworking I say
God watches over them in his own divine way.

El loco hombre

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MYon: Lagos... The revolution

My city is facing a revolution,
Development is my governor's resolution.
He said commercial die down will be no more,
Insecurity of life and job, a thing of before.

Citizens of Lagos, This is no ruse,
The city of Dubai, is my governor's muse.
You see the changes as you drive, ride or walk.
You see for yourself that Fashola is not just talk.

A picture is worth a thousand words,
the one above shows a former haven for thugs.
What you see is part of my governor's resolution,
A show of his resolve to the Lagos revolution.

El Loco Hombre

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My on: Lagos... Serenity in the middle of chaos

Lagos my Lagos this is the life,
Mechanical married to nature,
Just like husband and wife,
Tranquility in a concrete jungle,
Serenity in the middle of chaos,
A definition of my Lagos.

Abrazos a todos
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MY on:: Lagos My City By Night

Hope Easter was lovely for you i spent it taking photos and chilling with H. M told you about the book project though i can't put the photos going in it up, i'll do a mini 3 day project on here called Lagos my Lagos. This first shot is called city by night.

My city by night is now a city of light,
Gone are the days when sunset brought fright,
with people screaming tales of their plight.
with no form of aid or help in sight.

My city by night is now a place of bliss,
Where i walk the streets in relative peace
Lamps show the way as my fears cease
Returning to my home all in one piece

My city by night I'm proud to say,
Thanks to good governance, has found it's way
Peace and tranquility have come to stay,
For development and growth, to God we pray.

El Loco Hombre

Friday, April 10, 2009

MY on: Please sit down.... Feliz Semana Santa

We're all trying to make things happen for ourselves. Targets we've set that we're out to meet, Projects we want to complete and what not. Yes we need to work double time but let's all take a minute and sit down.

Please sit down, I'm hidden from the street.
Please sit down, weary traveller do take a seat.
Please sit down, rest your tired feet.
Please sit down and relax as the birds tweet

Please sit down, take a minute and look around.
Please sit down, take in the serenity and the calm.
Please sit down,enjoy nature's healing balm
Please sit before the crowds of the world cause you to drown,
Take a minute aside and please sit down.

Feliz semana santa Todos
Abarazos from el loco hombre

Thursday, April 9, 2009

O on: The Aunt...The Niece*

*And this is the end of the not so short story.

Date my niece, said the Aunt
i think she taunts, she being a tease.
Keeping us going will be an uphill task
My lord is back and will be sure to ask
Who you are and why you make me smile
If i can say you're dating her,
It'll throw him off and buy us a while.

No i cant, i said to the aunt
My voice sharp as i began to rant
Your niece to me is just a child
And to a devil, you bring one so mild
We both know continuing this is a foolish risk
If your lord discovers, his wrath great his fury brisk
This is the end of all the fun and play
It's best for us if I stayed away

She looked and said, I respect your stance
Though a devil, you filled me with romance
In my heart our memories will be
Keep in your head, thoughts of me
This she says and ends with a kiss,
I know this lady I'm going to miss
And so ends the story of the Aunt and the Niece

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MY: To Chari and Buttercup

Senor Dime piece wrote this to his Prima Donna Sirius (read it right here) and it reminded me so much of my time with kryptonite. I say my time because Kryptonite left me over for over 9 months now, I just broke up with her today so i guess you can say I'm finally moving on. Thank you O.

(O called me to announce that kryptonite is in a relationship and thinks she loves him so i should finally put her to rest with glee and elation being the fascist and sadist that he is.)

I still haven't had any inspiration to shoot or write even though M's epiphany has given me a resolve to pick up my camera. But I'm building up momentum and to get things kicking, I'm gonna pull in a blast from the past year and dedicate them to a few folks i find inspiring.

U & I; Two letters next door on my keyboard,
U & I; Two hearts entwined, ready to face the world.
U & I; Seemingly perfect for each other
U & I; A bond made to last forever.
U & I;Let's stay TOGETHER

I tooke the picture and wrote this a while back when kryptonite was the U next to my I on the keyboard.

Today it's Dedicated to Chari & Buttercup.

Abrazos a todos from El loco Hombre.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O: on My Toy Wishlist


A miserably married guy decides he needs some companionship, so he goes to a pet store. The salesman says, " I have a great pet for you. A toothless hamster". The guy says, "Nah." The salesman says, "But it gives great head." The guy takes it home. His wife screams, "What the hell is that thing?" He says, "Never mind what it is. Teach it to cook and then get the fuck out."
I was chatting with M and the message went something like this

M: Pervert seems you've created a following on blogville i wonder if we can keep up
Me:Lol what can i say, blessed are the perverse for they shall inherit Nirvana
M: Any Update on the neice?
Me: Not interested man, too too young.
M: That all?
Me: She looks too much like her aunt but she isn't in anyway like her. Plus I'm not sure she's gonna be into toys
M: You and your toys sef.
O: Thinking to post on my wish list of toys i would like to use on a particular blogger (6)
M: ROTFLMAO... Go for it bro lemme know when you post
O: Sure thing

I've always been fascinated with toys and this is what my wish list is right now

Steel Bondage frame

This is THE work station, it has three welded bondage hooks built in at the top - one in the middle, and one near each of the top two corners . This rack can be used for upright flogging, suspension, vertical spread-eagle, and of course my favourite teasing.. This heavy-gauge rack is also fine for supporting bondage swings. can be packed away easy and put in your wardrobe or closet

* use the pinwheel with this baby if she's really into it' add the japanes clamps for the Final K.O bring in a Bullet That's how amma play if this was in my crib.

The double sided pinwheel

This is specifically designed for play. There are two rotating pin wheels for added sensation. The stainless steel pin are set 1" apart, and are very sharp, with sharper, more pointy tips than the traditional Wartenberg Pinwheel. The handle is 5" long and covered with easy-to-grip mesh webbing. The entire unit is bleach safe. To be used with light pressure

Silver Ball tickler

The great advantage of this ball chain tickler is the range of sensations that are possible. When used lightly, the sensation created is not really a tickle, but more of a caress. Used more aggressively though, this baby can really sting like only metal can.

*i prefer this to a whip. it can be ticklish and painful it's a matter of pressure and choice

Japanese Clover Clamps
Tease her nipples with Japanese clover nipple clamps on a silver chain. They become slightly tighter when you pull on the chain. I've been dreaming of one for nearly 3 months now

* only for those who like to play the border of pain and pleasure.


The Dore Alley Bed

The Dore Alley Bed brings timeless style and elegance to your bedroom, and at the drop of a hat becomes your own personal dungeon.

*Beauty of this baby is you can hide the accessories so it's a normal bed till the lights go off ;)

THe G Spot Spreader
or the fuck Stockade as some call it:
The G-Spot spreader is an adjustable, easy to maneuver Stockade will lock down your loved one with secure, steel collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. Held perfectly captive on all fours, your partner will be exposed and positioned for fucking, sucking and supreme humiliationin a position that makes hitting the G-spot easier and more accurate than ever before. It's lightweight and mobile sp you can set it up anywhere you desire and take it from there. comes with an adjustable base, as well as detachable neoprene wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collar and chain. You can use it to tilt the hips and enter the vaginal canal or anus from a new angle making penetration deeper and more satisfying.

*There's a certain someone in our midst....
Bringing me to my knees is her claim

I will oblige you if you insist....
I'll come with my Stockade to play a game
Till we see who screams a name
I'll tell you what i want to do to you
But not on here......
I'll be where it's just us
My sexy vixen meet me there.

O on: The end


Two friends meet in the office of one of them, a notorious techno-geek.

"Hey, bud, how are ya?"

"I'm good. Congratulations, that new secretary of yours is beautiful!"

"Well, I'm glad you like her. Believe it or not, she's a robot!"

"No way, how could that be?"

"Way! She's the latest model from Japan. Lemme tell you how she works. If you squeeze her left tit, she takes dictation. If you squeeze her right tit, she types a letter. And that's not all, she can have sex, too!"

"Holy shit! You're kidding, right?"

"No, she's something, huh? Tell you what, you can even borrow her."

So, his friend takes her into the restroom and is in there with her for a while. Suddenly, he hears him screaming "Eeeeyaaaaa! Heeelp" Ooooooh! Aaaaaaah! eeeeeeeeeaaargghhhh!"

The guy says, "Shit! I forgot to tell him her ass is a pencil sharpener!"


Ps i left my panties in your bag. see you in Dubai

I head straight to my bag and it's right there her panties, still wet with her juices with a little note;
I'll be at the Palm Jumeirah... giving me her details. She is going to be 5 minutes from me for the next 5 days. I began to plan my assault reorganize my bags to make space for the bullet next to the business plan then the msgs continue

The next 5 days will blow your mind.... Be prepared
Her: I'm on ur flight and aim to become a member of the mile high club so be warned.

She's on my flight, a tip at the check in counter gets us seats with the isle separating us... Just the way i want it; She can see but can't touch let her imagination go on overdrive.

The plane takes off and i give it an hour before i start to work the floodgates. Beauty about old firewood, it ignites very quickly and i aim to burn this one to cinder
I send her a note: remember my friend the bullet he would like to say hi Meet me in 5 minutes tap once.

I get up, head to the bathroom 5 minutes pass and no tap, 7 minutes.... nothing i break into a smile i will not be the mouse. Patience i will myself 10 minutes and 3 angry and deprived people later i hear it.
I ignore it.
I open, pull her in and lock the door her eyes are glazed in anticipation of what's coming. The look is infectious i hear mini start his rumble. My lips find hers teasing and probing like life depended on it. My hands roam cupping but not releasing her breasts... stroking her thighs working my way up her skirt like a pirate with a map searching for hidden treasure. I don't have time but this will be good.
I pull back and my gaze says it all. off with the top so i can pay those two delectable mounds some attention. A flick on her nipple and i feel her shudder in pleasure. Her juices are flowing over my fingers as my thumb and index minister to her clit while my middle finger slowly massages her lips. Now she's ready.

Arrrgh she moans in her sexy way that gets me hot and bothered slowly i position to make an entrance gliding into her like a locomotive finding it's momentum slowly picking up speed hitting the magic button that adds a vibrating wave to the mix. A guttural moan escapes her throat i block it off and keep my hand clasped over her mouth.

This train is on full speed.... then TAP
VOICE: Are you okay in there
ME: Fine will be out in just a minute Thanks

For the first time I'm wishing i could actually make it happen in a minute so i hit the fast forward button. Rushed and hurried it becomes the quickie it was ordained to be rough and muffled the sex becomes animalistic and crude a race to ecstasy.....

Back in the cabin, i pass her a note...welcome to the mile high club

3 months, dead batteries, expended toys and multiple orgasms later, We're in my car staring into the night after a tryst in my back seat then she drops the atomic bomb on me; " I want you to date my niece, as my birthday present"

Friday, April 3, 2009

This story sha!!

The ambitious coach of a girls track team gives the squad steroids. The team's performance soars. They win the county and state championship until one day they are favored to win nationals easily. Penelope, a 16-year-old hurdler visits her coach and says, "Coach, I have a problem. Hair is starting to grow on my chest." "What?" the coach says in a panic, "How far down does it go?" She replies, "Down to my testicles. That's something else I want to talk to you about."
So we continue from HERE

Then her phone rings.....

She ignores it.

The other one rings

She pauses..

Don't, please don't is all that is going on in my head

DON'T YOU DARE PICK THAT PHONE I will her in my head

she walks to her bag....to her phones.... to leaving me with blue balls.... so slowly it was antagonizing. She smiled at me, i saw the glint again and it was then it dawned on me the smile was anything but innocent I'm the mouse, she the cat. She turns both phones of and walks straight to me...

"I want to dance on top of you" so she proceeds to give me this sensous lap dance while Marvin is on about being sensitive people. He got that right, mini me is totally sensitive people and wants to get it on. But no the cat wasn't done with her mouse. " Tell me what you want to do to me" she whispers in my ear, her voice husky as she archs her back na she dey feel this lap dance not me but who am i to complain, na to make sure sey dis firewood catch and burn well well. Mini me is becoming impatient so i decide to roam a bit, my hands find the zip to the tube and rrrrrrrrrrp down it goes releasing 2 wonderful mountains that i busy my mouth with sucking... licking... teasing with my thumb and index moving from one to the other pleasing this vixen. "Arrrgh!!" she screams, it's not black berry this time it's the real deal the sexily erotic real deal.

She pushes me on to the carpet on my way down, i see a glint in her eyes the look of a woman out for revenge....Sexual revenge. Slowly she pulls off my shorts takes a look at mini me and smiles .0&%*^$&, total gibberish is all i can come up with as she takes mini in her mouth nipping, licking sucking ^*%$&"@! more gibberish cos she's looking at me while she's working her magic slowly i lose control, the more i struggle the more the pleasure. I push away she leans in now i understand the look; there is no escaping this I implode, then explode she takes it all with a smile gets up and heads to the bathroom. The roles reverse I'm back to being the mouse again.

"I will not lose!!!" it's time to bring out the big guns; The ring and the straps. I jump her as she comes out of the bath working her till she reaches the bed. With a slight push, she falls into it. Joining her i spread her on the bed taking one hand *snap* it's held in place. "Relax"; my response to her questioning look "lets have some fun" as the other hand gets bound *snap*. I take a black ascot and tie her eyes. Now she can't see just hear and feel. I spread her legs *snap* stretch across her and *snap*. She's fully bound now, spread eagled on my bed i step back and look at my prize for the taking. It's time i introduce her to my assistant the bullet "Arrrgh" she screams even louder as the vibrations hit her clit "I want you inside me... Arrrgh" as my fingers join the bullet and my mouth explores her body from her luscious breasts to her stomach finding her navel and teasing with her juices flow all over my fingers as they find and massage that spot.

"Please mmmmmm I beg you please" She screams and writhes as she comprehends her bondage, it dawns on her that i will do with her as i please. "I want you oh God I want you" is all she can say she's becoming lucid as pleasure wracks her brain "ohhh!!! please i beg you...I want to cumm....I'm going to cumm" she's whimpering in a candle lit room with blues in the background. That's my cue; I stop and get off the bed, vibrating ring, strap and heating lubricant all from durex play while i'm poised to attack. "Where are you? what are you doing? O O!!!" I'm the boss now in this our game of cat and mouse. she's hysterical beginning to panic she can't see me but i'm smiling. This is not just about mindblowing sex it's a war and there can be only one winner in this game of cat and mouse.. Me

Her panic doesnt let her hear me get on the bed, doesn't let her comprehend till she feels mini me vibrating inside her she's screaming "you bastard arrrgh you're good mmm" as her pleasure overtakes her. "I'm cumming"; she screams as she writhes against her bonds moving her hips to match the rythm of my thrusts going faster so i match the rythm of her hips craving release. I feel her shudder and shake as her release comes, i hold her tight pounding hard till i get to the point of no return. Release........

I take of the blindfold with a kiss, releasing her from her bonds taking in her body glistening from sweat in the candle light. A body so perfect, my M.I.L.F hot sexy M.I.L.F. A shower and a movie later she's ready to go back home. She gets into her car and gives me the smile with that glint in her eyes as she drives out.

Back in the house i hear my phone... Msg
Her: Ps i left my panties in your bag. see you in Dubai

One more part Guys Hold up


O on: The story continues.

Sorry about the errors earlier PC was acting up.
Bill and Marla decided the only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon quickie with their ten-year-old son in the apartment was to send him out on the balcony and order him to report on all the neighborhood activities. The boy began his commentary as his parents put their plan into operation. "There's a car being towed from the parking lot," he said. "An ambulance just drove by." A few moments passed. "Looks like the Anderson's have company," he called out. "Matti's riding a new bike and the Coopers are making love." Mom and Dad bolted upright in bed. "How do you know that?" the startled father asked. "Their kid is standing out on the balcony, too," his son replied.
And we continue from here

So Time to heat it up some more. "Let's take this off the phone"; I propose, "Can you handle it? Na old firewood dey burn pass "; her retort. "Let me be the flame"; i respond "we'll see but okay, now tell me what you want to do to me" ; her response. So it's business as usual, with me graphically explaining and she physically experimenting till she climaxes on the phone. I bide my time after all, if e no be panadol e no fit be panadol .

A month full of pings and "i'm cumming"s, I send her a message on a friday night
Me: Sugar I'm off to dubai in a few days, need to sort out stuff
Her: Arrrgh!!!!!! ( she does that when her imagination goes on overdrive always follows up with a phone call; tell me.....)
Her: Let me come help you pack......
Me: You know the house. Ping me when you're at the gate
Her: On my way, get all those toys you've told me about ready.

It's on so it's time to prepare the battle ground.
Marvin Gaye off the speakers; check
Candles; Check
Batteries for toys; Check
Oils: Check
Champagne on ice: Check

Yup it's time to pack.

BB Pings i already know who it is. i step out and shut the door, tell the guard to open the gate. She drives in and steps out of the car yellow skinned bombshell in a tube. 2 pecks on the cheek and i lead her in. "A quick tour of the apartment?"; my question, "Show me your room"; her response she gives me that smile the one i have come to know is not innocent and i lead she follows straight into my private sanctum.

"Where are your bags"
? she asked "Over there" i point wondering why. She leans over and whispers in my ear " i'm wearing nothing underneath " then she walks to my bags and drops something inside. I open the champagne and offer her a glass, a few sips later she wants to dance and she gives me a look that slows down my breathing. Good ol Marvin as if on cue changes the track Lets get it on starts to play she starts a slow tease visually working it. I'm hot and bothered but trying to play the game after all, i'm the cat she the mouse but body no be firewood my shorts have a peak 'cos mini me is standing at attention.

Then her phone rings.....

She ignores it.

The other one rings

She pauses..

Don't, please don't is all that is going on in my head....................

*Nollywood style; watch out for part 3

Thursday, April 2, 2009

O on: Short Story

An elderly man goes into a brothel and tells the madam he would like a young girl for the night. Surprised, she looks at the ancient man and asks how old he is. "I'm 90 years old," he says. "90!" replies the woman. "Don't you realize you've had it?" "Oh, sorry," says the old man, "how much do I owe you?"

We're in my car staring into the night after a tryst in my back seat then she drops the atomic bomb on me; " I want you to date my niece, as my birthday present....."

Lets rewind shall we

We had been dating for 4 months. Met at my brothers wedding, she the venue owner me the grooms charming brother. Dressed to kill and life of the party, i didn't know i had an observer so a "thank you for helping us make this event successful" speech ended with "let's stay in touch what's your blackberry PIN". Now she's hot and in her early 30's, a category A++ M.I.L.F. She seemed quiet, a bit reserved didn't think anything to her smile seemingly innocent as she handed over her BB so i could do the honors.

Her First Msg;
" You looked extremely cute, was watching you from the kitchen"
My Reply; "Sorry i didn't get to watch you. will i get a chance to?"

The flirting began, one bbms and another and another till it was constant chat. She being free all the time had me thinking "she's gotta be single". Ask no questions get told no lies so i didn't enquire to be certain. The msgs were flowing back and forth just harmless flirting or so i thought. A bit of cat and mouse, Me the cat, she the mouse (little did i know).

She likes reading 'cos she's bored and lonely at night so i send her 4 books with a dozen roses to go with each book. Sundays are lonely so i offer the option of a play "I can't you're too young"; her excuse, "lets see the same play but not together"; her solution. Same play neighboring seats, call that first meet.

Now the heat is on, let's step this up. "We can't be seen together"; a point she raised, "I can get us a private lounge in a bar"; my solution. A few cocktails and wine glasses later we're making out like rabbits. Now the heat is really on.... In my head i'm still the cat, she the mouse.

The messages get steamier, the phone calls even worse. She's calling every night with phone sex the only thing on her mind M.I.L.F. and Freak what a wonderful combination, "Tell me what you want to do to me"; her favorite expression.

Time to heat it up some more. "Let's take this off the phone"; I propose, "Can you handle it? Na old firewood dey burn pass "; her retort.