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Friday, April 24, 2009

M on:what size are your shoes

I lost a friend in the past week. He was more than a friend, he was the president of my polo club and the epitome of humility. After we laid him to rest on Wednesday, who can replace him was the question on everyone's lips.

Let me tell you a bit about El Presidente.... In life he was extremely simple. Africa's largest producer of catfish yet never ate fish. A billionaire that i can count his clothes, and owned only one car. In life he was the definition of altruism In death his simplicity remained. Even the elements gave voice to his passing. As we proceeded with his coffin led by 50 polo players and his steed, ALL the power lines sparked as his coffin went by and i kid you not.
We buried him in his factory with absolutely no fanfare in a way i wish to be buried myself.

Services will be held for him in South Africa, England and France in the coming week because in his short sojourn on earth, This Nigerian known as BABA ELEJA ( father of fish) Touched lives in many continents.

No matter how he toil and strive
The fate of every man alive
With luck will be to lie alone,
His empty name cut in a stone.

Grim time the fairest fame will flout,
But though his name be blotted out,
And he forgotten with his peers,
His stone may wear a year of years.

No matter how we sow and reap
The end of all is endless sleep;
From strife a merciful release,
From life the crowning prize of Peace.

(c) Epitaph BY Robert Service

Vayo Con Dios El Presidente....

Who can fill his shoes? we asked.. who can take up his role?
Answer was, no one can. His shoes are too big to fit anyone not even the best of us.

Death will come to all but before it comes, we will go through life each with our personal goals and ambitions but will we impact others as we go on?

My friend's death has caused me to rethink my approach and my attitude of "Do what i can when i can" to others.

At his internment, cries of "ta lo ma se wa bi oga" ( who will ever treat us like the boss) rained in the air being testimony to his life even in his death.

What will my shoes be when i leave this earth? Will they be too large for anyone man to fit into or even worse, too little to be counted as worth fitting into.

........My thoughts as i write this.




  1. wow.... death provokes the pensive side of us to surface all the time... hopefully, we can learn lessons fromm it that will help us live better lives all the time..... Hmm.. Selah.....liked that part....

  2. im sorry about ur loss...i hope my shoes are too big to fill when i eventually go.

  3. may his soul rest in perfect peace.

    my real shoe size is quite small, but i hope to imprint giant footsteps with them Deo Volente.

  4. Bumight: Thank you i hope mine too will be too big to fill.

    Danny B: Life is nothing without lessons learnt

    Smaragd: I hope you do too.

  5. Cuanto lo siento por su pérdida. Que Dios continúe comodidad a todos los que dejó atrás..


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