The content of this blog is not the figment of imagination but the recollection in word or prose of events as they occur to three powerful minds.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and spare the guilty of vilification.


El contenido de este blog no es el producto de la imaginacion, pero el recuerdo de palabra o de la prosa de los acontecimientos a medida que se producen a tres mentes poderosas.

Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the Blackrose isn't in my garden

The year is winding to an end and as i sit back and reminisce in my mellow state on the year gone by i'm feeling great until...
until i i'm going through the faff-up file in the relationships section and she comes up outing an end to my drifting...
she was the Blackrose and i was meant to be the gardner but somewhere along the line i must have missed my way to the garden cos i'm here and she's not in my garden.
Blackrose was a blessing and i fucked it up.
she needed no tending.
principled and graceful would ideally describe this paragon
i ask myself
I wonder
Falsehood, lies and deceit. three barbs thrown i'm trying hard to extricate.
i wasn't ready so i bolted.
the way i bolted was unbecoming.
She remains a Blackrose
But she's not in my garden.
and watching her blossom from afar is my cross.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M On: Memories of Tonight.

You swayed as Bez played,
As Jimi Dudlue perfomed,
The crowd stood totally awed.

Sitting in my little corner in space,
Mixing and sipping screwdrivers,
With you right there my constant reminder.

Your beauty pristine,
Your body Language says what I see in your eyes,
A girl who keeps it real... No lies.

Ernest on the violin,
A.K Cole on the guitar,
Bez right there strumming like a rock star.

Ms M, It's been a pleasure meeting you,
And I look forward to the next time we see,
I'll take the memories of tonight with me.


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