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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

O on: 6 days... DAY 1

A guy suspected that his wife was cheating on him so he hired a Chinese detective... The cheapest one he could find.

This is his report:


You leave house, I watch house.
He come house, I watch.
He and she leave house, I follow.
He and she go hotel, I climb tree.
I look window.
He kiss she, she kiss he.
He strip she, she strip he.
She play with he, He play with she, I play with me.
I fall off tree, I no see.
No fee,

Cheng lee.
"Let's just be clear, I'm not having sex with you" she said to me while we were having a few drinks and waiting for our movie to start.....

I met her when i made a quick stop over to see my family on a flight to New York. I had been neglecting family on my quest to fatten my bank account so i saw this as an opportunity for redemption. My cousin screams as she opens the door, her joy unparalleled. As i stepped in to get off my feet, there she was. Caramel skinned bombshell sitting down in the most seductive pose. My cousin makes the introductions, me the entrepreneur cousin based in the middle east, she the neighbors daughter a good girl stress on the good girl by my cousin. Hers was a look of amusement, mine seemingly offish but the glare of a predator.

"I'm here for less than an hour but I'll pass by and spend a week on my way back from New York" i promise to stifle my cousins disappointment.
A week later I'm back and it's dejavu. same scenario hottie in my cousin's loving room. I'm around for 6 days so it's time to make my move and this is day 1.

I settle in and go off to change. I come back and hottie is still lounging. Feigning ignorance i ask "what's there to do in this town?" nothing really" she said, "I'm planning to go see a movie, you could come along if you want." so off to the cinema we go. It's early so we go grab a dinner and i turn on the charm. Tell me about you she asks as she subtly begins to flirt. So much for being a good girl i chuckle. remaining as mysterious as ever, the flirting began in earnest. Picking the speck on her chin... The slight caress of those sexy legs. She responds to my teasing as our legs speak a language of their own underneath the table.
2 bottles of wine later it's about time for the movie to start. "Let's just be clear, I'm not having sex with you" she states on her way up from her chair. I smile gracefully accepting the challenge as we step into the theater.
She leads, i follow straight to the back row. The movie starts but there's no watching, my fingers are doing what they do best, seeking out the spot, probing circling, stroking. The people in the cinema exclaim in excitement, she does out of sheer pleasure all through a feature film right till the very end.
As we head back in a black cab going our separate ways i know it's just for a while... call it the devil within me.


  1. first!!!!!!!

    D girl is frontin...nail her!!!!!

  2. hombres hombres, el mundo de hombres.

  3. lol..devil indeed..

    lets see how this plays out..

  4. lol.. the rush of adrenaline at a chase..

  5. u really are loco!

    why can't guys leave well enough alone? i'll have u know that even good girls can flirt and tease without actually wanting to have sex. It's just unfortunate that this poor girl got caught in el loco Hombre's trap.

    poor thing.


    i heart ur picture series on Lagos. Awesome! Awesome! isn't Fashola just the Man?

  6. I guess I should have known it was O speaking *rolls eyes*

  7. Na wa, like B'Cup says, lets see how this plays out.

  8. SolomonSydelle: Bienvenidos Senora

    Smaragd: My number one critic. Maybe one day i will break thru your hostility.

    Buttercup: The art of seduction is a course taught by the devil himself lol.

    Roc: Nothing beats that high.... well almost nothing.


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