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Monday, June 28, 2010

O on: her cost

I'm sat in a corner, sipping on a tall glass of "refreshing". It's a simple cocktail based on Camus VSOP & Tonic created by blender Roger Chedid.
She's right across me. The hotness oozes all the way across to me. It's her birthday and oh my doesn't she look like the belle of the ball.

Like any typical birthday party involving a pretty lass, this dauphine is surrounded by men eager to please.
From my vantage point I watch, observe and come to a decision in my head.

I know I can make this paragon of beauty purr to the tune I strum...

I also know that as with any conquest, she'll come at a cost. Her cost, I'm not willing to pay right now. And so I'll let her be. I'll remain in the shadows smiling 'cos this will go a little way in helping me balance my ledger with the ever vindictive mistress of life called Karma.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MY On: Dear Mum

Dear Mum,

Tomorrow makes it 6 years since i heard your voice last. i cant even remember how our last conversation went i just remember you were meant to send me airtime cos mine finished as we spoke. i remember getting the credit but thinking to call you when you got back from the airport so that i wouldn't have to have 2 long conversations. That act cost me my last chance to speak with you and it's one of my major regrets till today.

Mum i miss you goes without saying but i know you set things up so that i wouldn't have to feel your absence and I'm forever grateful to mama T.

Life is different now. i know you see all I'm up to and though some bits may surprise you I'm sure most don't as we had our tussles. Do you remember when you and dad had that argument and you kept going "he is not a virgin" just reminiscing is putting smiles on my face. How's Baby J doing? I'm sure she fitted in perfectly with the rest of the angels up there.

Tell her i miss her and I'm glad she's interceding for her big bro because i know if not for you both, thunder would probably have obliterated me by now.

telling you photography is good goes without saying but i haven't done much lately and before you say anything ma I'm upping things and gonna step up before my next birthday and get everything on track.

I'm sorry i sorta left your house somewhat abandoned especially cos those gardens were your pride and joy but dealing with dad's new contingent and her trying to lord over the place is a tad too much for me but i will visit this weekend or when next i go to town. I've sorta stopped leaving Lagos to head that way. even polo now is in Lagos for me as you well know.

I'm sorry about your business too and letting it die like that. you're a rare gem ma and continuing it was next to impossible cos nobody can do it like you do we tried but it wasn't just the same. nothing was the same after you left us hell even Sandy, Rocky, and Smart and Diana hit the ejector seat on life right after you did. 

Baby J going made the house so quiet...... dang that lass was a super star. please tell her i miss her so bad.. so so bad.

Mum i can't connect with the other one. i cant even acknowledge her. it's affected my relationship with dad so much that we either speak on the phone or i go see him in the office. Sucks ey but oh well. I'm a grown man now ( sure you'll have a stitch at that)

I'm sorry we spent most of my adult life fighting and only began to bond in the year you left me. i wish i could turn back time and bond with you even more. do you still drink baileys when you're stressed out?? i miss taking the rest of the wine bottle after you've had a glass and gone to sleep.

Your landscaping is still king in Lagos. The house in lekki still remains the bench mark and 13 years down the line "flower house" still remains the description. i wonder what would have happened if you were here with the boom that hit this country 3-4 years ago. You would have made a killing mama

I love you so much and miss you so bad I'll stop rambling now.

When weez gets back to town we'll pay a visit to see if the sites are properly maintained.