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Monday, June 28, 2010

O on: her cost

I'm sat in a corner, sipping on a tall glass of "refreshing". It's a simple cocktail based on Camus VSOP & Tonic created by blender Roger Chedid.
She's right across me. The hotness oozes all the way across to me. It's her birthday and oh my doesn't she look like the belle of the ball.

Like any typical birthday party involving a pretty lass, this dauphine is surrounded by men eager to please.
From my vantage point I watch, observe and come to a decision in my head.

I know I can make this paragon of beauty purr to the tune I strum...

I also know that as with any conquest, she'll come at a cost. Her cost, I'm not willing to pay right now. And so I'll let her be. I'll remain in the shadows smiling 'cos this will go a little way in helping me balance my ledger with the ever vindictive mistress of life called Karma.

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  1. Nice one! Seems like you know her already. Hmm her cost...a few ones come to mind. I like the last line, the juxtaposition of the two different ideas in the last line, ledger and Karma as, say the bank? Good play on them.

  2. lol...well written...there is more than meets the eye huh?

  3. that's my man...its good to not want to pay sometimes, na your money...so it means we're not doing polo anytime soon too



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