The content of this blog is not the figment of imagination but the recollection in word or prose of events as they occur to three powerful minds.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and spare the guilty of vilification.


El contenido de este blog no es el producto de la imaginacion, pero el recuerdo de palabra o de la prosa de los acontecimientos a medida que se producen a tres mentes poderosas.

Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Monday, August 31, 2009

MY On: The life of an Otondo

The Life of an otondo Is complex yet so simple.
The phrase “you are wrong” the chorus of our daily song
If you are not on the parade ground you are wrong
If you are sleeping at 0500 you are wrong
If you are not wearing white on white you are wrong
If you are not drinking, cavorting or making friends you are wrong.
I lived that life for 14 days and will continue to do so for the next year.
I’m serving my country in the hopes that my country will serve me.

I have missed you guys soooo muchhh


Friday, August 28, 2009

O on: Paying Tax

As a resident of the city of blogville I know that all the city demands from us is to pay our taxes in form of updates well mine have been well overdue now.

I’ll start by making apologies on behalf of the Cerberus for being absent for so long. We never thought that all 3 of us would ever leave the den at the same time but it happened and due to disconnected internet, faulty blackberries and one of us becoming an otondo, we’ve missed updating, commenting on our favorite blogs and generally being responsible citizens of blogville (now is it blogville or blogsville???)

Anyways the prodigal trio are back home with a slew of updates e’ve been holding for y’all neighbors.

Catch you around


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

M on: Chill And Relax AUGUST

Okay, you have been on the grind all week...
You've had your ass whupped and kicked...
All because you are a working man...
It's Sunday and tomorrow it starts all over again...
You need a BREAK!!!!
You need to be treated to AN EVENING OF POETRY, SPOKEN WORD, COMEDY & GOOD MOOD MUSIC before you run-off to restart the cycle which is your week.

Bambuddha Restaurant & Lounge aims to set a new standard in fine dining as befits the setting. The fresh modern and stylish design combined with a rich ambiance that envelopes guests upon entering.

The menu has been created by Executive Head Chef, Mr Paul Fitchet balancing exquisite presentation of “Mediterranean” cuisine with South American influences, with reasonable prices. He has created a truly delicious menu, which accompanied by a unique wine list and well conceived cocktails can be savored in our glamorously designed space.

Your Ticket gives you access to an offering of:
*Satay Peri Peri Chicken Wings
*Assorted springrolls
*Teriyaki Pork Ribs
* Jacket in Prawns

and the options of:
*Soft drinks
*Chilled Juices
*House white
*House red


To maintain the ambiance and aesthetics, Chill and relax has limited reservations.

To make your reservations, call 07029344882 or send your e-mail to chilletrelax@gmail.com with the subject : Chill and Relax Booking.