The content of this blog is not the figment of imagination but the recollection in word or prose of events as they occur to three powerful minds.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and spare the guilty of vilification.


El contenido de este blog no es el producto de la imaginacion, pero el recuerdo de palabra o de la prosa de los acontecimientos a medida que se producen a tres mentes poderosas.

Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the Blackrose isn't in my garden

The year is winding to an end and as i sit back and reminisce in my mellow state on the year gone by i'm feeling great until...
until i i'm going through the faff-up file in the relationships section and she comes up outing an end to my drifting...
she was the Blackrose and i was meant to be the gardner but somewhere along the line i must have missed my way to the garden cos i'm here and she's not in my garden.
Blackrose was a blessing and i fucked it up.
she needed no tending.
principled and graceful would ideally describe this paragon
i ask myself
I wonder
Falsehood, lies and deceit. three barbs thrown i'm trying hard to extricate.
i wasn't ready so i bolted.
the way i bolted was unbecoming.
She remains a Blackrose
But she's not in my garden.
and watching her blossom from afar is my cross.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M On: Memories of Tonight.

You swayed as Bez played,
As Jimi Dudlue perfomed,
The crowd stood totally awed.

Sitting in my little corner in space,
Mixing and sipping screwdrivers,
With you right there my constant reminder.

Your beauty pristine,
Your body Language says what I see in your eyes,
A girl who keeps it real... No lies.

Ernest on the violin,
A.K Cole on the guitar,
Bez right there strumming like a rock star.

Ms M, It's been a pleasure meeting you,
And I look forward to the next time we see,
I'll take the memories of tonight with me.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cerberus on: Epitaph to the cunning Linguist

Trapped in your glorious years
within the memory of belief, lost of all grief.
Take the reasons,
which once seemed so clear,
but never mind, you have nothing to fear.
For you the cunning linguist will be,
Forever young, Forever in the heart of memories.

Lost in the glory of all time,
the wisdom was there within that smile,
You see you could have told us,
there within lies the mystery.

So shed a smile, and grin a tear,
For you my friend, will be,
Forever young, Forever young.
Forever in the heart of memory,
We see not through or misery.
Forever young, forever young.
There's a new angel tonight
- Anne Nairinth-

In Memory of The Cunning Linguist.
Friend to Some, Mentor to others, Anonymous to many.
Rest In Peace Young Sir.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

O on: And GEJ Declares

Dear compatriots, 

Four months ago, providence placed me at the leadership of our dear country, following the untimely death of our dear former President, my brother and leader, President Umaru Musa Yar'adua. It was a very solemn and trying moment for me personally and for the country as a whole. My immediate task and priority was and still remains to give the nation purposeful leadership and to focus on the priorities of our administration in order to maintain national peace and stability and pursue our key development priorities. In these few months as leader of the country, I have concentrated on managing the affairs of the nation, and resisted all efforts to respond to the drums of partisan politics which have been sounding very loud across the land. As President and leader of government, I decided not to place partisan politics above the immediate needs and priorities of our people. I came under intense pressure to make a declaration concerning my political future, but declined to do so because that would have immediately distracted us from all the development initiatives we have accomplished so far. I therefore told Nigerians to give me time to concentrate on my work and that at the appropriate time I would make a public statement on my political future after due consultations with all the segments and leaders of our nation.


Today, I confirm that after wide and thorough consultations spanning the six geo-political zones that make up Nigeria, with members of my family, my party, the opposition, civil society, the Private Sector, members of the Labour Unions, religious leaders, youths and student groups and our revered traditional institutions, I Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by the grace of God hereby offer myself and my services to the Nigerian people as a candidate for the office of President in the forth coming 2011 elections. In presenting myself for service, I make no pretense that I have a magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria's problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian. Far from it. What I do promise is this – If I am elected President in 2011, I will make a covenant with you the Nigerian people to always do right by you, to tell you the truth at all times, to carry you along and most importantly to listen to you, fellow citizens in our communities and also those of you on this page. I do not want to win your affections by giving you promises of things I would do in the future which others before me have given and which have largely been unfulfilled. Rather, I would want you to judge me by my records. Since God Almighty and yourselves permitted me to serve you in the present capacity, I have busied myself with setting Nigeria on the path of peace and progress.


My team and I made no promises on adequate fuel supply in Nigeria. We simply did what was expected of those who govern, we delivered it, and you are living witnesses to that. We made no promise to revamp the textile industry. We delivered a bailout package worth 150 billion naira that is being dispensed as I write. We made no promises of securing the highest U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aviation clearance, the Category 1 Certificate which enables Nigerian registered airlines to fly to ANY U.S city. We delivered. We made no promise to give Nigeria a brand new INEC under a proven God-fearing and incorruptible leader. We placed Nigeria first and delivered. We made no promises of protecting your loans, deposits and investments in the banking industry over and beyond what is covered under the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Scheme. We delivered it via AMCON. Rather than tell you what we could do to improve power, this administration demonstrated it by initiating a brand new national Super Grid as well as launching a concrete Road Map to the Power Sector with realistic goals tied to realistic dates. I understand from some of your mails that there has been some small improvements in electricity supply in some communities. We met an economy that was beginning to slow due to the global recession. Today, the economy has verifiably grown by 7% this half year ending in June.


I know you are tired of empty promises, so I will make only one promise to you today. The only promise I make to you my friends, fellow citizens and Nigeria, is to promise LESS and deliver MORE if I am elected. I call on you to join me to work together in harmony and synergy to forge a nation where we understand our differences instead of pretending they do not exist and work towards a perfect union founded on transparency, equity and justice. A nation that is on her way to repairing her International reputation and project to the world that things have changed and the people of Nigeria have now taken Nigeria back from a few into the hands of her people who are eager, very eager to pull her weight in the forward movement of the African continent and the world in the pursuit of peace, prosperity and happiness.


I will by the special grace of God be making a formal declaration to this effect at the Eagle's Square, Abuja, on Saturday 18 September 2010.


I call on you my friends on this page and all Nigerians to give me your support and prayers so that together we can liberate our country from the confines and self –inflicted wounds and limitations of the past. My dear friends and fellow citizens, to borrow an often used slogan by our youths, please join me in proclaiming: Forward Ever, Backward Never! Please let us all unite across tongue and creed to move our long suffering nation forward together. I thank you and may God bless our country Nigeria. 


Monday, September 13, 2010

M on: Okocha

5 Seasons Ago, our Story began. with Koyin mounting me on you. The fact that you had to wear a guard scared me a bit but when we started the first chukka and you kept with the line of the ball and always knew what the right of way was i was hooked.
Runners Up Ibadan, Winners katsina and Jos, you became a legend. the superstar of the tawleeds  in Nigeria.

Sturdy and Regal you remained the pride of my stable my favorite 2 chukka horse always good to play.
when i got the call to tell me you were sick , my heart skipped a beat even with Colic you still tried to stand till the very end. My favorite pony still showing unbreakable spirit. In sickness and weakness you still wanted to take on the argies and the thoughts of your final moments leave me with mixed feelings.

You remain a superstar Okocha. I will miss you and all the grooms in Lagos and Ibadan will miss you.
There'll be no more shouts of "OKOCHA" as they offload you from the truck at Tournaments
There'll be no more cases of "OKOCHA" when a groom complains of being bitten
Doubt if any Tawleed will ever score a goal in a chukka.
Doubt any Tawleed can ever understand polo like you did.

I'll miss our rides on the beach
I'll miss stick & ball with you.
Most of all I'll miss my favorite pony ever.

RIP OKOCHA... Hope they know in Horse heaven that you have to wear a gag.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MY On: Lost in Translation

I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear
I like my toast done on one side
And you can hear it in my accent when I talk
I'm an Englishman in New York


What do you like about this sort of music?
What are they saying?
Why did you bring us to this kind of club?

What kind of food is this?
Cant you be normal?
Where do you think you are?
Why did you tuck in your polo?
.....Questions i get asked when people spend a couple of minutes in my world.

.... Descriptions i get after they spend a couple of minutes in my world.

I love me my wine and cheese.
My favourite club in Lagos is picolomondo.
I wear more trousers than jeans not sure i own that many either.
I'll listen to Rammstein, Infected Mushroom, Tiesto & Sebastien B over Jay-Z or even 9ice.
3 shots of tequila chased down with a 33cl heineken beer would start my night.
Cook outs and BYOB drink ups are my perfect way to start a weekend.


Is skin color meant to determine our influences and preferences?

A lot of people seem to think so.

I'm just simply MY and in the words of Will Smith "Is there Anybody out there" who like me is simply Lost in Translation,



* Oreo & Coconut are terms used to describe a person who is black on the outside but white on the inside.

Monday, August 30, 2010

O on: Rendezvous in the rain

Storm is brewing A, lemme head off home and just as the words leave my mouth it begins to drizzle. As i dash to the car, i notice her. light skinned hair to her waist packed in a pony tail walking. walking hesitantly, starting and stopping. i can see she's contemplating what to do cos of the rain. Not one to pass up a chance,

"can i give you a ride i asked"

"yes please she replied" stepping into the car.

 A bit of small talk got me some basic info Half Indian- Half Yoruba girl in Nigeria for a year.

we arrive at her destination and i consider reeling or not....

then i go for it....

"I know you'd probably never get into a car with a stranger talk less of give him your number but i notice you've got a blackberry" i scribble my pin on my card and tell her, "if you're up to a conversation, lets talk a bit then i wont be a stranger any more."

"ok.... "

10 minutes after i drop her off at the restaurant where she's having dinner
my phone buzzes,
a new request comes in... "Thank you for the ride, In"

who says a rainy evening and bleak weather doesn't come with it's advantages.


Friday, August 13, 2010

O on: Mirrored thoughts

It's been 4 days of emotional and physical foreplay and every time I look into her eyes, I see them mirror my thoughts... When are we gonna consummate this.

The day in cozumel is spent being kissed by the sun, stroked by the waves and savouring the local cocktails.

With me fly fishing and S scuba diving

With S para sailing and me getting my deep sea dive certificate for going 100ft under the ocean.

With me discovering and exploring every single spot on S's body. Finding her trigger points, filing them away in my head and she doing the same to me.

It's our last night and anyone who manages to stray into our world would end up as fodder with the sparks flying in the air.

As the sun sets and we walk back to the oasis of the seas where our story began, the fact that tonight is the night resonates in the air.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

O on: going better than planned.

"I have to go" she says as the sun begins to peek from the clouds.

"Am I seeing you later?" I ask as we walk to her room.

"Yes you are" she says and kisses me good night or is it good morning considering it was 5am in the morning great.
I'll pick you up by 7 and I bound off.

Fast Forward past a day in the jungles of Costa Maya with S on my mind

Straight on to me making reservations at Cafe 151. and Vintage a swanky wine bar.

Tonight I intend to turn on the charm. Mood music, good food and the perfect ambience.

We start the evening at 151. "Order for the both of us" I tell her setting the tone for a balanced evening.

Gamble is with her being in charge of the very first aspect of the evening, she'll become invested in tonight and the more invested she becomes, the easier it'll be to get behind her shell. The trick is to constantly make sure there is no pressure.

Dinner is a Tbone steak medium rare accompanied by a nice bottles of Respide. She's pretty and picked a meal you would want to put in rewind so you can savour again and again.

Relaxed and mellow, the conversation begins. Getting to know her feels like a wave. She's pretty smart, intelligent and I can't get enough of this boriqua.

A walk through the oasis' version of central park to vintages with the stars out and birds chirping sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

Vintage is quiet with cuban jazz serenading discreetly. We settle in a corner and begin a rosé wine flight with tapas. Getting to know you 101 begins here and we talk about everything the past, the present, the future. Dreams and plans caressing each other with words as well as with our hands.

As we approach the beautiful island of Cozumel, I know that something is building up here and it's not going according to plan but better.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

O On: kissing under the stars

3 bottles of wine later we're at a pool party on the 17th floor.

"I never thought I would meet pretty girls on this trip" I say.

"Me buying you that drink was just me saluting you making my day that's why I asked them not to tell you it was from me" I continue.

" I like that" she said holding my arm tighter.

"Head up to the pool party on 17. Need a wingman sharpish" I text my boy YN as I order drinks at the bar.

5 minutes later he shows up and I make the introductions. Now I can get some alone time with S.

2 bottles of bubbly later S & I hit the dance floor and my this boriqua has got some soul and we connect on the floor for about an hour exploring, touching, feeling, flirting.

"Let's go somewhere quieter" I whisper as I nibble on her ear.

"Where have you got in mind?"

"Follow me" and I lead to the one place I know will crumble her defences a bit further, grabbing one more bottle of champagne as we head out.

We hit the elevator and we're there. Time is 3am in the morning and we've got the moon & stars for the roof, the atlantic ocean for walls and deck chairs for furniture.

I pop the bottle as she lights up a smoke.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to get with you"..

I cut her off...

" Our story just began querida so why skip the pages" I reply stroking her hair as I pass her a flute.

" I like that" she says sipping on her drink.

5 minutes later and a bit of conversation, we're kissing under the stars.

End of day 1.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

O on:The Introduction

"I'm going to miss you" she says as I stroke her hair while we watch the sun rise across the ocean to bask the keys.

4 days ago, she was sitting across me at the other end of the bar. Too pretty to be out on her own I thought to myself as I waited for some cuban girls I met the night out before.

Hi... I said with my eyes.

Hello.. her eyes whispered right back.

Before we could continue the "eyeversation" her friend arrived, another bombshell.

Oh my!!! And there I was pretty girls would be few and far in between on this trip.

Her friend hits the bar to buy a drink.

"Una botella de vino blanco por favor" she tells the bar man and walks away.

..My chance to get into the play.

Marcello put their drink on my tab but don't tell them where it came from I tell the man behind the bar.

.. Here's the gamble:
She'll wanna know where the drink came from and will pressure him into telling. I know It's gonna be extra points for me compared to if I went direct.

She's back and wants to pay and the play begins.

5 minutes later I get a tap.

S: "Hey thank you so much for the wine"

O: "What wine " I ask all shy.

S: He said you asked not to tell but we know it was you. I'm S and this is my friend A.

O: Nice to meet you I'm O.

S: Nice to meet you. We're from puerto Rico what about you?

O: I'm from Nigeria

S: Nice!!

3 bottles of wine later, with introductions over and the cubans much forgotten, we head off to the party on the 17th floor.

....And that, is where the real story begins.


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O on:The Introduction

I'm going to miss you she says as I stroke her hair while we watch the sunrise across the ocean to bask the keys.
4 days ago, she was sitting right across me at the bar. Too pretty to be out on her own I thought to myself as I waited for the cuban girls I met the night before.

Hi I said with my eyes... Hello her eyes whispered right back. Before we could continue the "eyeversation" her friend arrived, another bombshell.

Oh my!!! And I thought pretty girls would be few and far in between on this trip.

her friend hits the bar to buy a drink.

"Una botella de vino blanco por favor" she tells the bar man and walks away.

..My chance to get into the play.

I tell the barman to put their drink on my bill and not tell them Where it came from.

.. Here's the gamble... She'll wanna know and pressure him into telling. It's 4 extra points for me compared to if I went all brash and paid for it.

She's back and wants to pay and the play begins.

5 minutes later I get a tap.
S: "Hey thank you so much for the wine"

O: "What wine " I ask all shy.

S: He said you asked not to tell but we know it was you. I'm S and this is my friend A.

O: Nice to meet you I'm O.

S: Nice to meet you. We're from puerto Rico what about you?

O: I'm from Nigeria

S: Nice!!

3 bottles of wine later, with introductions over and the cubans much forgotten,

....The real story begins.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

O On: in 24 Hours

I have...

Crossed 2 time zones.

Been impressed by Quintessentially.

Gotten reacquainted with my favourite continent.

Had lunch with Ethopian Model.

Flirted with pure arab hotness.

Been disappointed by GT Bank.

Been Impressed by GT Bank.

Been disappointed by Gt Bank again and now hoping they will sit the f#*k up (thank God for La Caixa.)

Met this pretty air hostess.

Planned a rendezvous with pretty air hostess.

Stayed at a quaint cabin hotel.

Been f*#ked over by MTN (Not your best Connection)

Been en route and still headed across two more time zones.

Talk about one packed day...
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Friday, July 2, 2010

MY On : I Wish

I wish I didn't feel so trapped,
I wish I was still in Barcelona
Running my own art gallery that sells African & Nigerian Art.
Driving my scooter,
Sipping beers on the beach in the summer,
Snowboarding in the winter,
Photographing all year round,
Traipsing Europe,
Immersing myself in culture,
Enveloping myself in language,
Unknotting my fingers and playing the piano again.
Living life as simply as just living life.

I wish kryptonite was still part of my life,
I could here her click her tongue everyday and smile.
Listen to her giggle in that small voice.
See her smile for me and not smile at me from photographs,
Hold her just like we always used to.

I wish me and God had a better connection not like the MTN type I've going on at the moment, that I could hear him speak and know definitely he hears me.
That I could walk and know he walked with me not just assume because I'm meant to have faith and just believe.

I wish! I wish! I wish!

And as I wish, I'm hoping the weekend brings nothing but good times.

Thank God it's Friday folks,
Enjoy your weekend.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

O on: Enigmas Key

I've promised to quit the game
But she draws me back..
Just like a moth to a flame..
Like a junkie needs his crack.
This pretty lass is on her way to becoming my fix....
The seven to my six.
Tall and fair skinned in the black ensemble
With no idea how much her smile causes my insides to tremble.

It's her birthday and she's the belle of the ball
It's her day and the hawks are at her beck and call...
Ideally that's where I would be..
But fawning over her isn't me
So tomorrow and not tonight I'll make her see.
That our paths were meant to cross and she to become my enigma's key.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

O on: her cost

I'm sat in a corner, sipping on a tall glass of "refreshing". It's a simple cocktail based on Camus VSOP & Tonic created by blender Roger Chedid.
She's right across me. The hotness oozes all the way across to me. It's her birthday and oh my doesn't she look like the belle of the ball.

Like any typical birthday party involving a pretty lass, this dauphine is surrounded by men eager to please.
From my vantage point I watch, observe and come to a decision in my head.

I know I can make this paragon of beauty purr to the tune I strum...

I also know that as with any conquest, she'll come at a cost. Her cost, I'm not willing to pay right now. And so I'll let her be. I'll remain in the shadows smiling 'cos this will go a little way in helping me balance my ledger with the ever vindictive mistress of life called Karma.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MY On: Dear Mum

Dear Mum,

Tomorrow makes it 6 years since i heard your voice last. i cant even remember how our last conversation went i just remember you were meant to send me airtime cos mine finished as we spoke. i remember getting the credit but thinking to call you when you got back from the airport so that i wouldn't have to have 2 long conversations. That act cost me my last chance to speak with you and it's one of my major regrets till today.

Mum i miss you goes without saying but i know you set things up so that i wouldn't have to feel your absence and I'm forever grateful to mama T.

Life is different now. i know you see all I'm up to and though some bits may surprise you I'm sure most don't as we had our tussles. Do you remember when you and dad had that argument and you kept going "he is not a virgin" just reminiscing is putting smiles on my face. How's Baby J doing? I'm sure she fitted in perfectly with the rest of the angels up there.

Tell her i miss her and I'm glad she's interceding for her big bro because i know if not for you both, thunder would probably have obliterated me by now.

telling you photography is good goes without saying but i haven't done much lately and before you say anything ma I'm upping things and gonna step up before my next birthday and get everything on track.

I'm sorry i sorta left your house somewhat abandoned especially cos those gardens were your pride and joy but dealing with dad's new contingent and her trying to lord over the place is a tad too much for me but i will visit this weekend or when next i go to town. I've sorta stopped leaving Lagos to head that way. even polo now is in Lagos for me as you well know.

I'm sorry about your business too and letting it die like that. you're a rare gem ma and continuing it was next to impossible cos nobody can do it like you do we tried but it wasn't just the same. nothing was the same after you left us hell even Sandy, Rocky, and Smart and Diana hit the ejector seat on life right after you did. 

Baby J going made the house so quiet...... dang that lass was a super star. please tell her i miss her so bad.. so so bad.

Mum i can't connect with the other one. i cant even acknowledge her. it's affected my relationship with dad so much that we either speak on the phone or i go see him in the office. Sucks ey but oh well. I'm a grown man now ( sure you'll have a stitch at that)

I'm sorry we spent most of my adult life fighting and only began to bond in the year you left me. i wish i could turn back time and bond with you even more. do you still drink baileys when you're stressed out?? i miss taking the rest of the wine bottle after you've had a glass and gone to sleep.

Your landscaping is still king in Lagos. The house in lekki still remains the bench mark and 13 years down the line "flower house" still remains the description. i wonder what would have happened if you were here with the boom that hit this country 3-4 years ago. You would have made a killing mama

I love you so much and miss you so bad I'll stop rambling now.

When weez gets back to town we'll pay a visit to see if the sites are properly maintained.



Sunday, May 30, 2010

MY On: My Loss

In him I see me..
Innocent and free..
In her I see you
Gay & dainty with a spirit pure & true.
Like my brother I chose to live
And my soul I sought to deceive
Live fast die freely my mantra
No knowing pain would be my end tantra
In them I see us
And I see in a glimpse what I now consider my loss.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

O on: I wish I was 10 again

Do you remember when...your close friends became strangers, lollipops turned into cigarettes, the innocent ones turned into sluts, homework goes in the trash, soda became vodka, kisses turned into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst thing you could get from boys/girls were cooties? Dads shoulders were the highest place on earth and mom was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest, the only drug you knew was cough medicine, wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut, the only thing that hurt you was skinned knees and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? And we just couldn't wait to grow up....

Someone sent me that and it had me thinking...

I'm grown up now and I wish I was 10 again. So I could go back to worrying about not making the commendation list and not thinking about not making the bills this month.

I wish I was a kid again and I didn't have to worry about anything...

I wish I could go back to the years when friends became enemies for only 5 minutes.

When you looked forward to every birthday with glee.

When I'm sorry and please made your problems disappear.

When everything was so simple and lacked complication.

The kicker is though...if I did get my wish to be 10 again.... I'll of course be dreaming of "when I'm older" and the cycle continues..

If only these kids know what "being older holds in store"

Maldito Sea!!! to borrow a phrase from MY.


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M on: Selah...

You may not be their first, their last, or their only. They felt for someone before, they may feel for someone again but if that person has feelings for you now, what else matters?

They are not perfect.... You're not either. The two of you may not be perfect together but if they can make you laugh, cause you to think twice and admit to being human and making mistakes.... Hold on to them and give the most you can.

They may not thinking about you every second of every day but if they gives you a part of them they know you can break... Don't hurt, don't change, don't analyse and don't expect more than they can give

Smile when they make you happy, let them know when they make you mad and miss them when they're not there.

The emote thoughts of M adapted from the words of Bob Marley in celebration of Marley Day 2010
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who am I

The guy who just hit the reset button with God.

Had this post about how I'm at crossroads with Life, my business and God.

How the fact that most consider me a guy who has had his breaks cos he's a "rich kid".

The worry that I'm coming off to people as a "rich kid" even though I know I'm just a regular guy on the hustle in Lagos.

But church changed all that.

I hit the reset button

And that's that.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cracks in the wall

I don't know why, but I'm sure it's not cos I'm seeing people die on grey's anatomy. I'm scared to think It is what it is cos it's been years since the dam broke. Hell it's not even close to any memorable event connected to them but I'm here...
The dam has cracked....
And I've been crying my eyes out all morning.
I never cry but I am now.
The dam has cracked again...
The dam has cracked again.

*No comments please*

Thank you.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

M on wonderful Yaadein

I'm still in Port Harcourt but heading back today. It's been a wonderful weekend.

*Got myself a new mare. Balanced and fast, she understands the game. Her name is Rosemary but I think I'm gonna rechristen her. Contemplating between Rosa, Azmir, Mocha, Farida or Blackrose.

*Played polo with the guys at the Port Harcourt Polo Club. Total gentlemen I must say. Friendly and accomodating. They showed what the real spirit and cameraderie that the polo community is meant to have. Naval Commander Ibrahim, Captain Tony, Hames Shahimi, Rowland Rochi... Muchas Gracias.

*Alhaji Bashir Yar'adua AKA the head groom and Patron of Hajara farms, thank you for acting like th baba you are. He's got over 20 horses in Port Harcourt and is bringing in more. He's on a mission to get baroque playing so don't be shocked if Baroque ends up a polista.

Baroque, you're a man after my own heart you made my trip fun. Day and night you made shit happen and dang.... Partying with you pretty much matches rolling with a rockstar.

My Yaadein this weekend...


How was your weekend?

Of the Cerberus

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Port Harcourt this Friday

I'm going to be in Port Harcourt this weekend.

Playing some chukkas with the boys from Katsina Hajara Farms.

I've never been to PHC before and I would like to hang with folks outside the polo community on my first trip.

If you live in PHC give ur boy a shout out.


Muchas Gracias
Señor M

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

O on: Tools of the Trade

"Are you bringing toys baby?"
Her question... To which I mention,
I'm coming with more than toys lady".
I'm coming with vibrating cock rings,
Heated lubricants amongst other things.
Ropes and a blindfold,
Improvisions from your wardrobe.
I'm coming...
A man with a mission.
To keep you cumming....
Session after session.

I'm coming to introduce you to bondage....
The art of domination.
The need for submission...
Pleasure in total helplessness.
Any act of rebelion crushed in total hopelessness.
I am the master and you are my slave.
And I will show I'm lord over that dripping cave.

I will take your eyes...
The trademark of my brand.
Tie your hands over your head
Ropes on the ceiling.
This scene does not involve a bed.
You will be forced to stand
You will be on your feet
will meet.

Out of nowhere, nails will trace tracks
Enough to hurt but leave no marks.
Lips will find your earlobe
Will suck and nibble.
You'll feel ripples
As fingers tweak your nipples.
I'll stroke your thighs
Brush your clit as I send you on a high.
Your knees will buckle
Your body will tremble
But against your will you will stand
Because my ropes hold your hand.

I'll stop and sit
The squirm of your hips.
The curl in Your lips .
The beginning of a scream...
As I toy with my whip,
But I decide on the bullet...
Cos It will swallow ur clit
Sending waves down your cave
as you drip in rivulets.

But You're gonna finish this on your own...

.... cos I'm late for my meeting.


Cerberus on : Celebrating 100.

We clocked 100 posts and that's a milestone.

This is post 101 and it's dedicated to all our friends who come to chill at the den.

Thanks for always stopping by.

Thanks for commenting

Thanks to those who don't comment. We still know you stop by.

To our friends departed recently joined by Nice Anon,
Roc naija,
Fine Boy Agbero,
Shonavixen (Cameo's don't count),
Confessions of a london girl,

CERBERUS #pourssomeliquor .
Bless you wherever you are.


M, MY & O
The Tres Mentes Poderoso
That Make up CERBERUS
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

O on: Today...

8th January 2010, my sister would have been 14. My pride and joy and the bundle of energy that could change the dynamics of wherever she was.

I reminisce about her growing up....
How from the gate we always knew she was back from school minutes before seeing her because the commotion she left in her wake was her herald.

I smile when I think of a 4 year old with so much warmth. At 4 she always insisted on getting down at the gate so she could greet everyone on her way in. Garders tending the gardens, drivers. My mother's other staff and shouts of Tee Jay from accross a huge yard inside let us know she was back.

At 6 she lived a complete life. And from this year I will stop questioning the big man upstairs.

I miss my angel.

Mi hermana es contigo Padre......watch her jealously...

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