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Saturday, November 3, 2012

M on: A Tale of 2 Cities

They say home is where the heart is but what happens when you don't have a heart? Does that imply you don't have a home?

Let me tell you a story. Call it a tale of 2 cities. 2 cities so distinct it is like comparing oil and water.

My affair with Londres started 2 years ago after a brief stint in Africa though you could say I relocated somewhat permanently in February. I found Londres rough around the edges but with pristine beauty. All you need is here but as with every human, doesn't offer all I want. The infrastructure is supportive, the people kind. the homes warm, the company wonderful, the relationships I've developed priceless and the opportunities timeless. When I consider living here for the rest of my life, most days I'm content but for a few issues mostly relating to family and friends complaining about the distance with londres and they prefer me moving closer to home. I would say I've managed the situation rather perfectly though I would say this beautiful city has given me more than enough to work with. Welcoming me with open arms, giving me residency and fast track to citizenship without considering my immigration status. When I stop to think about it, doubt anyone would find a city like londres

But then enter Paris....

Paris, the city of dreams. The city I've visited quite often when I was in Barcelona but never lived in. The city that offers promise but promises not yet tested. Not as close to home as my family would like but close enough for them to accept. Seemingly Paris offers all I could want and possibly need. Charming, simple, easy & full of energy. I can't help but wonder; If that is what I need or simply what i want. If Paris would be accepting of the immigrant in the way Londres has been. If Paris can possibly offer me Londres and more....

In a bid to to figure things out I planned a couple of trips to Paris but it seems I forgot you can't live in 2 cities and in a conversation with a friend in Brazil, it just so happened that my residency in london has been revoked and from the look of things permanently. Leaving me confused and grasping frantically ironically not for Paris but for home wherever that may be.

Of the Cerberus.

Blogoratti came through the cobwebs to say hello. Figured to do some spring cleaning to honour that.

Monday, May 14, 2012

MY On: Peeking At Beauty


The word has been overused
To the point that it is overlooked
And it in itself is not beautiful
For beauty is unpredictable
It is unconventional and illusive

Beauty is surprising.
It sneaks upon you,
It shocks and shakes you.
It captures your words,
Your breath,
Your soul and your mind.

It awakens something deep in the belly.
A something unnamed.
Between shame and liberation,
Between pride and fear,
Between sin and innocence,
Beauty is not what you are,
It is what you make me feel.
© Savannah S

Location    Tibidabo Mountain, Spain
Size (WxH)    16.2 x 10.6

Sunday, May 13, 2012

O on: Super Sunday.

It's on! he says as he closes the case and carries upstairs. The case containing about 60 AA cartridges and 2 brand new automatic shotguns.
Dinner tomorrow with her friend. I'll hook it up. 

The day started with:
..Disappointment with not being able to hit the water.
...Cuddling SL (next post)
....The noisier neighbors finally having something to be noisy for.
.....Japanese whisky
......South african wine
.......And the prospect of dinner with "texas"
........And it's only 8pm