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Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 Maldita seas!!!

Okay I've been missing and nobody checked on me no love from blogville...
Maldita Sea!!!!

The spanish embassy in lagos is taking too long to process my visa...
Maldita Sea!!!!

Blog ville has been totally dry and is turning comatose even temite wants to leave..
Maldita Sea!!!!

I craved an alfresco lunch outdoors on a sidewalk or beach side. Roberts Cafe came close but sand flies chased me indoors.
Maldita Sea!!!!

To add to it, my white wine tastes like acid and they are charging me top naira for it..
Maldita Sea!!!!

Can't think of anything else to rant and rave about so

Maldita Sea!!!!

Maldita Sea!!!!

There 7 Maldita Seas


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cerberus on: she's gone.

It all ended tonight,

Coolly and calmly without a fight

A simple discussion between two adults,

Bursting our little bubble the end result.

Like the breeze, she came into my life

Without a doubt, I know she could have been my wife.

what do you do when the fundamentals are so wrong?

But every thing else just like the lyrics of a love song.

Blackrose brought out the best in me.

My inner core she wanted the world to see.

I know things are gonna be different,

I just wonder if I can cope with her being distant.

She brought with her a new dimension.

Took my gloom and gave it a lighter complexion.

Time with her was a glimpse into nirvana

I guess this is me being dealt a blow by my karma

I am wondering if this is something I can fight

Even though I know the end result might not be right.

You don't know how much I wish things were different

Perhaps our relationship might have had dividends

Tonight, you asked me a simple question

I should have taken my chance then to mention

You're the one thing that completes me

And its so glaring for all to see.

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M on: Miss Pretty in Traffic

My thoughts were filled with Static,
Just watching miss pretty in traffic.
She was right next to me but still so far,
The distance between us just our cars.
She caught me looking and smiled,
Her smile hinting me to her wiles.
Her movements; subtle yet seductive,
Her appearance; simple yet suggestive.

We played our game of distant flirting,
Knowing fully well our time together was ending.
I imagined her laugh when my car fell into a pothole,
Her voice as i saw her mouth Asshole.
Not at me but at the okada that crossed her,
Couldn't but laugh as she gave him the 5 finger waka.
As we drove off in different directions,
I can't but wonder if we made a connection.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

MY on: Verastic and this day ... Russian roulette

Read today's this day newspaper. Vera's post on facebook the 9th planet is in there... Congrats girl.

Went out last night, ended up playing russian roulette. Messed up though, my magnum was loaded with 3 bullets and I think I blew my brains out.
Got a serious hangover plus I'm totally strung out cos I still haven't gotten any shut eye.

Hasta lluego folks.

El loco hombre.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My on: Mac or PC

PC******************VS**************** MAC

Are you a Mac or a PC, and why?

Are macs better? Are they really better, or just more fashionable and just pretty damn good looking? Is -Design- the only reason why people have put up of for so long with the hassles of -incompatibility- (no this is not about dating) ?

  1. NAME
  2. MAC or PC?
  3. WHY?
  5. M/F

so here goes.

  1. NAME: MY
  2. MAC or PC?: Mac
  3. WHY?: Macs are more powerful and more stable
  4. PROFESSION: Photographer and voyeur
  5. M/F: Male
  6. WHAT DO YOU USE YOUR MAC/PC FOR THE MOST?: Editing Photography
  7. WOULD YOU CHANGE? Hell no
  8. TAG 6 PEOPLE: Scribbles, Bumight, Buttercup, Roc, Qube, Smaragd

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

M on: Polo in the park london .... Meet and greet Perhaps

For the first time in over 70 years, the hallowed turf of Hurlingham Park will thunder with the hooves of high-class polo ponies. Players from all over the world will battle each other in a furious display of horsemanship and polo strategy to win the ultimate polo prize - The World Polo Series™.

Between the 5th-6th June 2009, the inaugural tournament of The World Polo Series will take place in Fulham, Central London.

The Hurlingham Club, usually a private members-only retreat, can be found amongst 42 acres of beautiful gardens overlooking the Thames in Fulham. In celebration of the return of its founding sport - polo - The Hurlingham Club's famous East Wing will host the corporate hospitality and entertainment packages for Polo in The Park.

Likened to what Twenty20 did for Cricket, World Polo Series™ Polo rules has updated the sport to provide spectators and television audiences with the ultimate in high-octane entertainment.

With teams confirmed from London, New York, Rome, Lagos, Moscow and other cities from across the globe, the World Polo Series brings the cream of the world's professional Polo talent to London.

Come and enjoy one or all of the tournament days, with a world class entertainment line-up. Polo will take centre stage together with jousting, military displays, polo tuition with the World Polo School in association with Ascot Park Polo Club, a Luxury Village, Argentine Asados (BBQs) and much, much more!!

I'm gonna be there repping team Lagos and hopefully playing for Team Ibadan if our entry gets in.

I think we can use this as an opportunity to meet and greet.

Lemme know your thoughts..



Monday, May 4, 2009

MY on: Home is where the heart is.

Home is where the heart is ,
Home is where your pains ease,
Home is where your friends meet,
Home is where you rest your feet,
Home is now eluding me
The one place i want to be.
Home is where the heart is
My heart is far from me.

Don't mind me folks it's just one of my depression bouts. I miss home and miss my friends. I guess this settling in thing isn't working for me and my pride won't let me call it quits. It's becoming difficult to be happy. When the sight of your friend's happiness makes you sad, Maldito Sea!!! you've got a serious problem.

I'm trying to get back on track but nothing seems to be working so i think I'll be off facebook for a bit see if that helps. In the main time I'm going to use this post as an outlet

Hi everyone, my name is MY and

  1. I miss good vino
  2. I miss being able to travel across Europe without thinking twice.
  3. I miss weekly food shopping at El corte Ingles
  4. I miss Thursdays in Sutton
  5. I miss my Photo walks in the barrios and distritos
  6. I miss the beach culture
  7. I miss the George Payne and the people in it
  8. I miss living in the worlds best cosmopolitan city
  9. I miss winter sports
  10. I miss Bicing even though I'm still learning how to ride a bicycle
BUt I'm grateful too
  1. I'm grateful for the friends I've made since I moved back.
  2. I'm grateful I have a job even though there is a recession.
  3. I'm grateful for life.
  4. I'm grateful for love even though it burns me every time.
  5. I'm grateful for family even if they don't understand me
  6. I'm grateful to blogville 'cos you guys are my buffer
  7. I'm grateful to the otros mentes poderosas cos they are my rock.

Now everyone say: Thanks for sharing MY

LOL now that made me smile. see what i mean by you guys are my buffer.


El loco Hombre