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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

M on: Polo in the park london .... Meet and greet Perhaps

For the first time in over 70 years, the hallowed turf of Hurlingham Park will thunder with the hooves of high-class polo ponies. Players from all over the world will battle each other in a furious display of horsemanship and polo strategy to win the ultimate polo prize - The World Polo Series™.

Between the 5th-6th June 2009, the inaugural tournament of The World Polo Series will take place in Fulham, Central London.

The Hurlingham Club, usually a private members-only retreat, can be found amongst 42 acres of beautiful gardens overlooking the Thames in Fulham. In celebration of the return of its founding sport - polo - The Hurlingham Club's famous East Wing will host the corporate hospitality and entertainment packages for Polo in The Park.

Likened to what Twenty20 did for Cricket, World Polo Series™ Polo rules has updated the sport to provide spectators and television audiences with the ultimate in high-octane entertainment.

With teams confirmed from London, New York, Rome, Lagos, Moscow and other cities from across the globe, the World Polo Series brings the cream of the world's professional Polo talent to London.

Come and enjoy one or all of the tournament days, with a world class entertainment line-up. Polo will take centre stage together with jousting, military displays, polo tuition with the World Polo School in association with Ascot Park Polo Club, a Luxury Village, Argentine Asados (BBQs) and much, much more!!

I'm gonna be there repping team Lagos and hopefully playing for Team Ibadan if our entry gets in.

I think we can use this as an opportunity to meet and greet.

Lemme know your thoughts..




  1. Omg, you play polo…that’s great?…I hope team ibadan guys get in. when will u guys know?

    Shame I can’t make it…I get back from my work trip on 6th June…*sighs*… ok the other thing that has me tripping is the fact that The Hurlingham Club is open to all for polo…I thought it was all about tennis, croquet, cricket, bowls, golf but not polo:$…ok obviously I’m not a member :-)

    thanks for stopping by, I’ve been to Barcelona, just before Spain hosted the Olympics and you are right… all my Spanish friends are beautiful people but I came over to recommend Istanbul. I went to Turkey last year and it is breathtaking…it’s like living in history…

    the fact that so many heritage sites are so well kept in such glory is fab…even ended up taking a ferry ride up th bosphorus straight while there

    if u ever make it out there check out topaki palace and it’s famous ‘spoonmaker’s diamond’… (it’s near the other well know sites such as the hippodrome, the blue mosque, the underground cistern and Hagia Sophia and of course the Grand Bizarre)…honestly i just loved it!

  2. Gracias Shubby Doo, I am going next month after Polo in the park so i'll be sure to get my Kardessim to take me check out those places.

  3. people really shouldnt be having this much fun *sigh* lol. hopefully ur team makes it thru!

    anyways, mystery over, so that means it was you,M , in the dream with smaragd. (the dream is on my last post)

  4. It could happen. Would be fun.

  5. i'ld like to attend, just checked out their site. Need to find some companions

  6. Bumight: O told me about that lol
    Lowlah: It would be fun.

  7. jayla You can get tickets on ticket master. iff you have any issues, lemmme know.

  8. hmm...interesting, might very well be a face in the crowd

  9. hmmm..... writing my last exam around about that time so i can't have the honor of meeting up with the three wise men.. LOL... Polo.... Not bad..

  10. Polo...Game of the Rich, Played by the Rich, for the entertainment of the Rich...

  11. P.S Thanks for my 'lift me up' gifts! Put a smile on my face!
    And now I know why I got a lovely white horse as a gift...You want me to join you in playing polo dont you? :)

  12. This might be something to do for moi...yup off to ticketmaster i go!!

  13. I would love, love, love to attend. I hope your team makes it through.

  14. Confessions... I'm hoping you see past the mirage the non polo playing xomunity has created.

    DannyB... Polo season is here so other opportunities will arrive.

    Scribbles... Socio you will be more than a face in the crowd.

    Shona V... Let me know if you will be there for sure. Pls add us to your blog. Mail2cerberus@gmail.com

    Sexkitten... It would be my absolute pleasure to share my passion with you.

  15. Go Team Ibadan! polo sounds like a fascinating sport but I've never had an opportunity to watch it. Guess you've been practicing seriously...goodluck and Godspeed.


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