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Saturday, May 9, 2009

MY on: Verastic and this day ... Russian roulette

Read today's this day newspaper. Vera's post on facebook the 9th planet is in there... Congrats girl.

Went out last night, ended up playing russian roulette. Messed up though, my magnum was loaded with 3 bullets and I think I blew my brains out.
Got a serious hangover plus I'm totally strung out cos I still haven't gotten any shut eye.

Hasta lluego folks.

El loco hombre.

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  1. at least u cant complain about the weekend being uneventful..

    yay for vera!!!!!

  2. this has nothing to do with this post but i luuuuuuuuuuuuv ur blog........i dont wanna sound like a freak but reading ur entries were like therapy for me ( i dunno what was happening to me before..but i feel soo good now.lol

  3. congrats to vera

    lol hope you feel much better :)

  4. Buttercup: Yup the weekend was eventful. I lost Blackrose

    Optimistic _ A: congraats to Vera

    BSNC: I feel much better muchas gracias

    Divans Lover: Muchas gracias.. Stick around

    Socio: i hurts like fuck


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