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Monday, May 11, 2009

M on: Miss Pretty in Traffic

My thoughts were filled with Static,
Just watching miss pretty in traffic.
She was right next to me but still so far,
The distance between us just our cars.
She caught me looking and smiled,
Her smile hinting me to her wiles.
Her movements; subtle yet seductive,
Her appearance; simple yet suggestive.

We played our game of distant flirting,
Knowing fully well our time together was ending.
I imagined her laugh when my car fell into a pothole,
Her voice as i saw her mouth Asshole.
Not at me but at the okada that crossed her,
Couldn't but laugh as she gave him the 5 finger waka.
As we drove off in different directions,
I can't but wonder if we made a connection.

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  1. Ok that was a short but interesting write up.......
    I remember making a connection with some dude too in traffic before........nd he tried to ask me for my number,i was bout 2 give it to him when the light went green,he tried to park somewhere but my driver wasn't paying attention so he zoomed off, i was so mad at my driver dat day ehn...lol

  2. Juicegal... All your hardwork chai

    Socio... From ur lips to God's ears.

  3. well i guess you would never know now..

  4. That was very humorous, the words you used and the situation you described go perfectly. Such a shame, at times you meet the cutest people in traffic, then the light turns green. Darn.

  5. awwww...miss pretty in trafic....this is very sweet...kinda like distant (possible) lovers passing...

    lol@ your car falling into the pothole and her giving the 5 fingered waka to the okada...amidst the romance, reality is never too far away in nigeria

  6. BSNC: WHO knows...

    MIss Natural: Exactaments

    Shubby Doo: es la vida no?

  7. Right place and right time- that's all there's to life..


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