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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cerberus on: she's gone.

It all ended tonight,

Coolly and calmly without a fight

A simple discussion between two adults,

Bursting our little bubble the end result.

Like the breeze, she came into my life

Without a doubt, I know she could have been my wife.

what do you do when the fundamentals are so wrong?

But every thing else just like the lyrics of a love song.

Blackrose brought out the best in me.

My inner core she wanted the world to see.

I know things are gonna be different,

I just wonder if I can cope with her being distant.

She brought with her a new dimension.

Took my gloom and gave it a lighter complexion.

Time with her was a glimpse into nirvana

I guess this is me being dealt a blow by my karma

I am wondering if this is something I can fight

Even though I know the end result might not be right.

You don't know how much I wish things were different

Perhaps our relationship might have had dividends

Tonight, you asked me a simple question

I should have taken my chance then to mention

You're the one thing that completes me

And its so glaring for all to see.

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  1. sweet, very powerful and highly emotion. I hope she realizes this soon

  2. I meant to say highly emotional, i especially like the last two lines of stanza 4 and 6. The rhyme is on point.

  3. beautiful..I hope you get a chance to tell her how much she completes you!

  4. well, nice!!!!!, but you should have told her this before it was over.

  5. Miss Natural.. Thanks. She realises it as well.

    Dante... Karma is a bitch what can i say.

    Optimistic... I did. A line in the prose said
    "what d you dowhen the fundamentals are so wrong?
    But every thing else like the lyrics of a love song."

    pretty much explains it.

  6. Another rone will come.
    Maybe a red rose?

  7. Ur rhyming is on point
    Lovely poem.....
    Ps: Just a quick question, are all these poems nd stories 4 real??? cuz if dey r nt den u have a way with words nd i min dat in a gud way.

  8. Tobenna: Done playing with Karma. SHe can go to hell

    Blog critic: Hola guapa looking forward to your critique

    Juicegaal: Muchas gracias on both points. to answer your question, EVERYTHING i write is real and are experienced by a part of cerberus. some stories intertwine, you just have to find where. ;)

  9. Heartfelt poem, cerberus. I've had a lot of these moments. Some people come into our lives to give us a new vision. Touch us in places that's never been touched. And leave us forever changed.

  10. Damn fundamentals!

    How sad................:-(

    Are you sure there's no compromise?

    If she completes you...............then she's worth scrapping fundamentals, right?

  11. Sexkitten: Exactamente amiga, spoken like the pot of wisdom you are.

    Sirius: The fundamentals matter cos they are the foundation and this needs a really strong one.

  12. I could have tot of no better time to rematerialize out of the woodwork...Hitherto, I have read and withheld my comments and just watched thee Cerberus but now I must speak...

    Whoever she is, deserves the right to know what kind of doors she's shutting behind her...do you not agree?

  13. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork Boss and i totally agree with you. To be honest, i wish i could say damn the fundamentals and to hell with propriety but those factors are extremely important.

  14. This is so nice…love the ryhme…
    Could sell it as a rap to Ja rule and make us rich...

  15. Afrobabe... Nothing do us oh. Arrange it,

  16. you dont seem over her......

    life aiint fair....

    another shall come and she shall soothe this pain away........

  17. IbiLuv: I'm over her and yes karma and her cousin pandora are bitches. Gonna stop looking.

  18. Bloody fundamentals like raining on someone's parade! In case I haven't said so before I do enjoy you three's blog.

  19. We love having you here too caramelD


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