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Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 Maldita seas!!!

Okay I've been missing and nobody checked on me no love from blogville...
Maldita Sea!!!!

The spanish embassy in lagos is taking too long to process my visa...
Maldita Sea!!!!

Blog ville has been totally dry and is turning comatose even temite wants to leave..
Maldita Sea!!!!

I craved an alfresco lunch outdoors on a sidewalk or beach side. Roberts Cafe came close but sand flies chased me indoors.
Maldita Sea!!!!

To add to it, my white wine tastes like acid and they are charging me top naira for it..
Maldita Sea!!!!

Can't think of anything else to rant and rave about so

Maldita Sea!!!!

Maldita Sea!!!!

There 7 Maldita Seas


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  1. Ahn ahn u know when i saw this post i was like about time cuz u had not updated in ages,i sure checkd on u 2 see if u had updated.
    Besides im first...4got 2 scream dat.
    Ur in Nigeria??? since when??
    Lol at white wine tastin like acid.

  2. lol...I could have been first but I was just taking it easy :) I concede victory to you juiceegal.
    Exactly, I checked on you too...but u never updated soooo...plus no way to check on u anyway (basically its not our fault :)
    You sound really peeved lol...maybe you'd feel better if you took my Insolvency exam for me (haha that was dry lol).
    Hope you have a much better week and stay away from the sand flies...those things are just evil. Hope they sort out ur visa soon too.

  3. Hahahaha Miss natural u have 2 concede victory 2 me o...its nt easy..lol
    Abi o we checked on him but he was AWOL

  4. Okay my lovely ladies, I must admit you have me feeling like a cabron.

    Maldita sea en ingles es DAMN IT.

    MONTONES BESOS para mi tres seƱoritas guapissima.

  5. well......welcome bback anyways........ y'all bailing out on us has made blogsville feel like a recession hit!!!!

  6. 1st time on this blog and i must concede that i love your blog,your concept and whole outlook--Will be here more often to check you out and hope you'd reciprocate the love sometimes soon--Cheers

  7. i wasn't around for a while too. welcome back o.

  8. yaay you're back!
    i was beginnning to wonder what had happened
    u need to blog more often for the sake of those of us who luuuuv this blog!hehhe

  9. iluvmyredvans that's some real true talk. Cerberus u def need to blog more often for our sake.


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