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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cerberus on: Laugh..... scream then go wow

Okay perdona me for going AWOL the last week has been really rough on all three of us. O had a children's day concert to plan and execute and i must say no be small work. It was fun though, the kids had a swell time and i got to see that my man isn't all devil. I fell ill with malaria for the first time since i moved back and had to be hospitalized ( not sexy at all) M too is busy planning a polo tournament in september, the first international peace tournament in Africa so he's practically under the Radar.

To show the family how much we've missed y'all and keep you glued in the den a bit, we each chose a video we found hilarious so share you. One is gonna make you laugh another will make you scream and the last will make you go wooooowwww.

you decide who picked what video lets see how well you know Cerberus.


Find more videos like this on Polo Contacts Worldwide


go woooooow

Abrazos a todos

EL loco Hombre ( MY just in case you didn't know jejejeje)


  1. dont worry i wont even bother guessing am nt going to pretend dat i know cerberus... say hi to d rest of u

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  3. O is responsible 4 d cartoon video

    My is responsible for the 1st video

    M is definitely responsible for the last video

    I hope i'm right,infact i have ti be right....lol

  4. lol Im bad at guessing but I'll still try. O= cartoon, My=the last one and M= first. I enjoyed the cartoon one the most though, daffy duck (I think) is soo cute and hilarious. Or maybe O is responsible for the cartoon one, hope he enjoyed his children day party. pele about the malaria. Must have been really bad for admission. Goodluck with planning the tournament.

  5. m- first
    miss natural i didnt just copy your answers...lol

    i hope u're better now :)

  6. So far, only Juiceegal got one out of three. Interesting...

  7. ok how about
    O- First
    My- second
    M- third?

    Iluvmyredans its ok, we're all in this together lol.goodluck to us

  8. I think O is the last one... I can't think of the others. I'm sorry to hear you were sick, hope you feel lots better now. :)

  9. second and final attempt!!

    m- second
    my- first
    o-last video

  10. You haven't told us the answer....i'm waitin tho.


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