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Monday, June 22, 2009

MY on: Yaadein... THE END OF THE STORY

As the month of Osmanthus approached we settled into a rhythm, i was finally happy in a relationship. It was glaring for the world to see and everyone around me commented on the fact that i was glowing. Mariposa met members of my family and they all fell for her just like i did it was all so perfect but as with all good things life gives, karma
(the bitch) must have her say.

Another woman was in my life. and before you crucify me, her being there was decided for me long before i had the ability to make that call and before Mariposa came into my life, I had no objections. But seeing and feeling what true happiness was, i knew that i could never be with Gato (lets call her that). I had told Mariposa about Gato long before we got to where we were and she knew i was trying to break off the engagement.

In the month of Osmanthus, Gato came home in a bid to show me the error of my ways and correct what she believed was a mistake i was making. Looking back, Osmanthus was a month of incidents some near fatal. Mariposa discovered she had a condition that needed serious medical attention and I began living la vida loco as i began to drink more from the battle i found myself in. Gato tried using any means possible to get me to change my mind. From pleading to her parents trying to leverage our joint investments as clout against mine, to my parents and finally when all failed, trying to get to Mariposa to scare her away ( why do women act like that????). Through this, Mariposa stood firm and it was in this period she said those 3 words and more to me.

Osmanthus blended into chrysanthemum and it was time for me to go back home. I left for home knowing that i would be back to the mother country soonest for in the months that had passed i had begun a new life. A life that had everything i could ever wish for. The week before i left, I saw nothing of Mariposa. As i got on the plane i had a feeling, ominous and distinct telling me that something was terribly wrong between my Mariposa and I. It was a feeling i brushed off little did i know.

Home filled me with the warmth that makes it home and i began the process of putting my affairs in order. The first flag should have been the fact that i began to do most of the reaching out unlike before i visited the mother country and when we did speak, it was the issues we spoke on. Marriage was key for her but not for me and i think my obstinate insistence on my position on the subject is what broke the camels back.

I have now come to understand the Nigerian woman's perspective but before then, I was of the opinion marriage is the most unimportant factor in a long term relationship to me it didn't matter if it was legal and dotted lines were signed. Through Mariposa i have come to learn that it is not so and i have come to respect that so i guess you can say lesson learned though the hard way.

I came back home filled with hope of a new life and a new beginning. I came home with the expectations of a man coming back after a long trip to meet his beloved......I met with disappointment.An sms with just 2 words; "welcome back" was all i got. Baffled, for days I waited till I grew tired of waiting so i reached out. She came over and spent roughly an hour before asking that i drop her at home. As i left her at hers, I needed no seer to tell me we were over.

Months have gone by and as I reminisce and think about it, what Mariposa and I shared wasn’t something out of a movie. It was a dream come true. Fact is; nobody knows tomorrow, we can’t even say for sure about the end of the day all we know about is now and right now, I would do it all over and over again with Mariposa and that my friends is what makes her my Kryptonite.


Kryptonite and I are still in contact though i tend to keep it minimal because of the effect she still has on me. Smaragd, I hope you come out to read this because you're one of the major motivators of me finally letting this out.
mi familia de blogsville let me have your thoughts, Raw and uncut.


  1. ok, i need to sit down properly to read this!

  2. ok, thoughts, raw and uncut: I like happily-ever-after stories, but i also know that real life is not always like that, and sometimes when u start something new without taking care of old stuff (a la the engagement) its almost always bound to turn sour- no matter how special it is.

    There are few girls that would go through all that drama esp if they were in kryptonite's shoes. plus when u meet someone new esp the way u and kryptonite hit it off, its always intense and heavy and... (i know how it is to wait for my phone to beep with the next message) so maybe now that things have calmed down, and without the drama, just maybe....

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  4. wow.........no point crying over spilt milk, but I have 1 question, make that 2- I know matters of the heart are not straight forward, but 1. have you told her that you still feel soooooo strongly about her, 2. really explain to her that you are ready to act right and make it work- if you are (rather than keep all this inside)

    unless I didn't read properly- you 2 are still single, right?

  5. what happened with Gato?

  6. I really prayed that u'd finish this today sha. I remember u saying once that she already knew how you felt (in a poem of yours). Its a pity she couldn't wait/ the depth of your feeling for each other couldn't see you through the different viewpoints and goals you two had. On the flip side, it was probably better then than later cos at least now you have the tender/ good memories to treasure as opposed to it being spoilt by arguments, disagreements and unhappiness. Finally its a pity that although with love all things are possible and love conquers all, these are not certain statements. Sometimes love WILL nt be enuf

  7. this is amazing stuff here, this love you talk about. if she's what you want for real i think you should do whatever you need to to make it happen.

  8. So if you are really into this lady as you seem to say you are, why are you not making something happen. You said she is your dream come through. Opportunity like this comes at least once in a lifetime, why no grab it with both hands.....

  9. Bumight & Sirius... kinda think we've gotten past that bridge especially cos we're both not available.

    Lowlah... Gato another story for another day

    Miss Natural... Nail on the cabeza. we kinda drifted apart and that leaves some sort of feeling of unfinished business. but we have good memories not bad.

    Peaches & BSNC... Too much water under the bridge and O says a classic case of Use and Abuse

    Thanks for your comments montones besos


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