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Friday, June 19, 2009

MY on: Yaadein... The story of Kryptonite

This story began in the year of the rat. A tale of love between a photographer and a member of the royal family of dreamers. Call it a love story gone sour if you will nut it's my story. I've been trying to write this for ages but i always seem to get writers block when i start and end up mulling over her... My Kryptonite. Smaragd i hope this brings you out of hiding.

It was spring in the year of the Rat and like the trees outside i was in bloom. My photography was getting great reviews both at home in Spain and abroad. Her entry into my life came with a review so you can say it began with a photo. The same photo that apparently seems to be my best work yet. She was my introduction to blogger. To this wonderful world i am now a citizen of. She was and still is a writer and the eloquence in her writing..... absolutely stunning, The mystery she shrouded herself with.....spell binding. Like a moth to a flame i became addicted to her work, Lost in her words i reached out behind the shroud. And what did i find, la mariposa muy bonita.

From cyber-dom into the real world, fate crossed our paths and emails began a long stream of communication that would lead me to this point. Emails led to phone calls and both became more and more frequent. Day and night i had to speak to mariposa looking forward to the new msg on my PDA even in important meetings. The conversation varied from business to pleasure. We spoke about teleporting and if she had somewhat managed to cross continents through space, i doubt if i would have been fazed.

I love a woman with a sexy voice and hers, Maldita sea constantly did it to me. Her voice, so angelic but with a hint of mischief that sends a signal to the discerning of a hint of mischief. I'm no dreamer but if did dream i'm sure i would have spent my periods of REM floating in her world. "Nothing will ever come out of this, we're just friends" became my mantra but it began to sound hollow as i fell deeper and deeper by the day. As i moved around Europe living like the loco hombre i am, the writer became my friend till slowly i lost it in her world.

Ours was something out of a movie like a scene from die another day where Halle Berry comes out of the pool looking so muy caliente and you could literally see/ feel the tension between her and Pierce Brosnan..... Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating and ours wasn’t so intense… it wasn’t even half as dramatic and was in cyberdom but there was that spark, that connection. I mean for two people who had never met, this was more of what I imagined after we spoke.



  1. awww....ok, im going to look for my Superman!

  2. ok i cud kill u lol...i was getting so drawn into it and then u stopped. i know the connection u speak about and I know how painful it must have been when/ (if) it went downhill

  3. And then they yab Roc.. Tsk Tsk..
    You're taking it to the next level.. :D

  4. Hmmm..1st time on here..very intriguing..

    tell me..

  5. WOW i want to know more.... your kryptonite

  6. Bumight.... FInd him

    Miss Natural... Murder aint the case here. Lol had to break it 'cos it was a tad too long

    Roc... You are the ROCstar so they must yab you Lol

    Mocha... Thanks for stopping over hope you stick around. the den can be a lot of fun

    BSNC... You will by the time I'm done with my yaadein

    Sirius.... i continue now

    Lowlah.... Read on guapa

  7. imma proceed not to speak on the last paragraph but hmmm.....cough cough


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