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Thursday, June 11, 2009

MYon: It's Official... we love life die

  • We now growl on Twitter
  • Lagos has no drainage
  • Ronaldo is a b***ch
Now on to other things.

Was chatting with Roodest the other day, (He's my BFAM and a photographer too please visit his website and show him some love) and the convo went something like this

Roodest: oomo.. a nigger jumped out of a plane at 15,000 ft yesterday
MY: a nigger ke
MY: you sure he wasnt an oreo
Roodest: na men.. black .. in and out
MY: wtf
Roodest: i'll post the pix on picasa when i get time
MY: he a disgrace negro
Roodest: oh noo. it wasnt suicide
Roodest: it was skydiving
Roodest: i went skydiving yesterday
Roodest: u don miscacu there
Roodest: negros dont suicide
MY: exactly us negros love life die.

Looking back at it, i think that's why you will never find a black suicide bomber. black people love life and living too much to even consider blowing ourselves up.


  1. Yup... we are too pragmatic to die for what we cannot verify in the here and now bruv! Keep repping!

  2. hehhe i was wandering where the conversation was going!!
    we do love life for reAL :P

  3. Lol@ ronaldo... Na only £80million cause am carry leg commot go!

    I've done a 15000ft skydive...definitely another way to view and enjoy life...may suicide never be our own o! Amen!

  4. I once tried to commit suicide once lol...it wasnt an organised attempt, plus I assure u I'm a true naija girl lol. hehe, u guys convo is funny lol. I like ur friend, skydiving, bungee jumping and parachuting are on my to do list before I die at 90 lol

  5. I have been bungee jumping twice and i am as black and Nigerian as they get. LOL.

    As a Man U fan, the Ronaldo thing....painful and the thought of losing Tevez as well is painful...But we are still the greatest team in the world...

  6. Lol.
    Tiens! Mon frère, that convo IS classic, no of a class of its own :)
    Very self explanatory to why black men don't
    As for that boy (Ronaldo) Soldier go, soldier come but Barracks remain forever...
    True Red Devils are hail only the mother ship (the team) not any one sailor (player) aboard that ship.
    Have fun Ronaldo.. we made you who you're and will ever be! we done it before (beckham and co.) it's only of those things to us now.

    Black suicider, i doubt.. Nigerian, possibly.
    I once heard of an ibo man that sold himself for ritual money. yes, himself!
    C'est moi
    El Hadj Roodest


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