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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

O on: Fara bale

This morning my thoughts hovered on a lot of things, My hopes, my fears, and finally dwelling on my dreams. Usually that's the first step for me before a bout of self disappointment for the simple reason that things aren't going exactly to plan.

I looked up and I think I got a message from the supreme being. in the past few weeks, i have been on a path to self discovery. Trying to connect with people i haved rubbed raw, Going to church, basically discovering God. The message was clear and simple. FARA BALE. It was the graffiti written on a truck in front of my car and that just brought me calm.

We all have hopes and dreams and sometimes things dont go the way we want them to. I just want to say FARA BALE because what must be will always be and things will surely fall into place.


**PS FARA BALE comes from Yoruba and translating it litterally it means calm down.


  1. yes oh thats one of my favourite sayings...rest easy, take a breather, calm down and admire the little things in life, dont let it pass u by. lol btw I thot i saw someone who might've been u yday. but the guy just wasnt tush (lol) enuf :)

  2. nice and simple. its funny how we get the message from unusual places. as long as we get it, thats all that matters.

    plus O is alive!!!!! *doing the dance*

  3. hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting we love it... : )


    come stop by sometime.. ;-p

  4. BBB... YEs Oh FARA BA LE

    Miss Natural... LWKM. describe this guy?

    Bumight... Yes I'm alive *doing the dance with you*

    Mocha Latte... vale

    Yan Tan.. Thanks for stopping by. I'll keep a sit very close to the fireplace for you.

  5. thanks for stopping by hunn!!!

    keep in touch.. ;-p


  6. That's what i need at this point. I need to FARA BALE*
    Thanks for sharing that.

  7. And there I was driving through Yaba on saturday.

    I see a beat up truck with "FARA BALE" written/painted in the colour of fire- reddish orange.

    Couldn't help but smile.


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