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Monday, June 22, 2009

My on: Continuing Yaadein

Before i continue, i know the tone of this story is a bit melancholic. Yaadein means Memories in Hindi and Urdu and for me, finally talking about kryptonite is talking a walk down memory lane. with love and life there is a cycle this post is a dip in that cycle but all the same,

Yaadein continues from here


In the Guava month of the year of the rat, I pleaded she come to Europe and experience my world. It would give me a chance to finally meet the queen of my fantasies. Her job is demanding and that made her coming impossible so i made a decision. I would go to her for if Muhammad wouldn't go to the mountain the mountain must go to Muhammad goes the saying. I began to think of the mother country, a life outside Europe. considering the seemingly fertile environment for businesses the mother country posed i thought of possible investments because i knew it wouldn't be easy living off photography. For a writer, Mariposa had business acumen and together we planned.

I left home and ventured to the mother country.... to see Mariposa,friends and family but more importantly Mariposa. We met for the first time in the upper lobby of a restaurant and Maldita Sea she looked exactly like i had imagined if not more beautiful. In that moment, the sexy voice in my head merged with the beauty that walked up the stairway and became an angel. She could not stay long but we were to meet up in the evening. It was an evening i waited for in anticipation but didn't happen thanks to a certain group of Italians. Damn the pizza and wine lovers but spare the wine

The Italians never got the best of me again and our relationship took a new dimension. From lunches to dinners to walks, we started our romance again, viviendo la vida virtual en realidad (living the life we lived on virtually in reality). The first time we kissed it felt like all hell broke loose forget butterflies in the tummy it was more like rapidly melting ice and from that moment on I guess whatever solid fences I had created around myself because of previous circumstances started to crumble and believe me, crumble they did leaving me wondering how they managed to without me knowing.

The lotus month flowed blissfully into the orchid month which happened to be her birth month and all through our romance continued. As with all things bright and beautiful, issues must surface and our perfect bubble began to crack. You see before i met la Mariposa, I had chosen my path (Gato, marriage, children). Finding myself on the same path as hers, the differences in our characters began to show and cause friction but i the passion we both felt continuously covered up those cracks.

The first time i told her i loved her, It was a mutual friend's birthday and I was to be his wing man, preventing him from being foolish but he ended up saving me from the loco hombre that is myself. I digress to say that through her i made a friend who happens to be one of the closest to me till date so perhaps in retrospect, that was why our story ever began ( O tells me that i'm stupidly trying to rationalize). I think i got wasted to be able to say those words but maldita sea, i was gone. She told me about it the next day listening to the Asa track "subway" and did we get a laugh from my antics of the night before, avoiding the seriousness and implication the words had to our relationship.

As the days turned to months, we began to notice the differences in our views. She lives not bothered about not knowing what she wants and me the opposite. She wanting kids and me the opposite, My view on marriage differing from hers terribly. As we discussed more, i saw and I'm sure she did too that there were issues we had to deal with.



  1. oh..
    i don't like the sad way this is going..
    is there is love u are suppose to work thru any obstacle.....

  2. BBB... it's a broken story but do wait till the end.

  3. Love is all about sacrifices, compromises....
    don't like the sad tone oh....

  4. Chayoma... True True True. it's just going back memory lane. we are talking about kryptonite here

  5. cerebus to be continued again, for real..lol

    The story is kind of sad though, but i will patiently wait till the end..

  6. What is it that makes women forget just how young you are and try to make you go in that direction... you're still very young. There's no hurry.


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