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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

O on: when flirting causes drama

Its been a long week and I'm opening a new restaurant tomorrow. I'm stressed out trying to get my robotic mascot to speak interactively when I notice her.

She's in charge of the team decorating the hall.... Prim, sweet n sexy... just my type. Shez intrigued by my attempts to get my chicken to talk and when it finally does, even heracles can see she'z hooked. Starts calling me Mr Chicken she wants to coversate but theres a lot to be done

I let her be, in my mind I'm drawing her in. She catches my eye and I hold hers, wink and move on. In my mind, let the flirting begin.

She calls me back..... I return thinking its on.

"Mr. Chicken i know i look young but how old do you think I am"? She asks

I have 2 kids...a bit of talk then she goes......let me tell you about Jesus.

That.... Put an end to my flirting

Game over....!!!!

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  1. Lol... ok that's too funny, wish I could have seen your face.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    it could have been worse..lol

  3. lwkmd

    well at least she didn't embarass u

  4. Ela for u...............lol
    Pardon my razzness............Game over....lol
    Better luck next time...hahahahaha

  5. hahahahaha
    so much for having game LWKM

  6. lol wait, don't you want to hear about Jesus...

  7. That is the funniest thing ever!!!! Ouch! Signals can be hard to read, don't mind us laughing peeps :)

  8. hehhe
    this is too funnY
    @ juiceegal.."ela' indeed..hehhe

  9. Miss Lowlah... The look was priceless

    c_u_o... You can say that again

    Brokeass said...Doubt it

    Qube... It was all fun till it got to Jesus. she kind of liked the fact i was hittin on her in a way...

    juiceegal... Yes O... Game over

    BBB...Never said I had game.. She did tell me about Jesus

    BSNC... In church but not there...

    CaramelD I found it Hilarious too thought y'all would get a kick out of it.

    iluvmyredvans ...yup its 3 funny

  10. lol...eya big time ela oju kan. lol...hope the restaurant opening is going on well without too much stress. Go Jesus lol!


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