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Monday, June 15, 2009

M on: Jineteada....

A Jineteada is traditional Argentine culture. It's a test of horsemanship and only the VERY BEST gauchos ( argie cowboys) Take part. Enjoy


  1. Thing is not letting me watch the video. Been waiting for over 10 minutes.

  2. what's up with the vid? cant seem to play it....
    really wanted to see it thou

  3. lol based on ur twittering you sound pissed lol...what's up?
    The vid is funny, there are some crazy horses...lol and all through the singer is making music peaceably lol.

  4. Miss Natural... My BB is being stupid and it's pissing me off. i need my crackberry fix and right now this is a bbjunkie in cold turkey.

    The horses are sure crazy ut the make them so.. The whole idea is they take a wild and unbroken horse and cover its eyes for days.
    It's atthe Jineteada they take off the blindfold.

  5. lol the horses were surefire crazy lol. jumping and bucking all over the place. I could see some riders who had no problem in controlling the horses though.
    remind me not to get a bb...i think i'll stick with dreaming of an iphone

  6. Cerb,
    those horses were really kicking their heels. some gauchos had no problemo handling them...

  7. Miss N and Chayoma: That's what Jineteada is all about. ONLY the BEST horsemen can control el loco caballo ( crazy horse)

  8. lol wow those horses are wild, they are like those bulls. i kind of liked the song too

  9. definitely not for the uber-life loving naija boy man! We shall only applaud them!


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