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Saturday, April 18, 2009

MY on:: Lagos....165 sotries to go

We work to build lagos, a cityscape that will be famous,
Though our progress be tedious, The fruit of our labour will be joyous.
Building our lagos, a process which will make us whine,
We will complain about inconvenience and abject waste of time.
All of it will end, the beginning of a new trend,
A government of the people a government that's your friend.
Lagos my Lagos, 165 stories to go
The people of Lagos, we will get there.........
That i know.

El loco Hombre

That's the last of the series and my monopoly on the Den. So it wasn't 3 days but i hope you enjoyed it.



  1. highly anticipating d new lagos!x

  2. i sure did enjoy it..well done..

    p.s. what camera do u use??

  3. Blogorrati: Muchas Gracias. Weekend was muy marvilloso

    Mz Eniola: So am I. The new Lagos is what might keep me in Nigeria away from my lovely Barcelona.

    if i told you it was an Olympus d500 digital camera would you beleive it? No slr here just a a 5mp digital i carry everywhere i can't take the big guys.

    Gracias a todos para tu commentadas.

    El loco hombre


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