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Monday, April 27, 2009

The 8's Meme

So it's the 8's meme and the tag came from El socio Scribbles it's a bit too much for either of us to handle so the entire Cerberus will attack this. here goes

8 Things I look forward to

1. April Salary
2. Miss lowlah in the summer
3. Moving into my own place
4. Xmen Origins: Wolverine
5. Catching up on my shows.. L word, Greys, Boston Legal, Entourage internet here is too crappy to download
6. London... Barcelona.... Amsterdam in the summer
7. The new business deal i'm working on
8. End of the Bloody Nigerian stock market crisis

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Uploaded day 3
2. Downloaded updates for my mac
3. Went to the beach but changed my mind at the entrance
4.Met up with H
5. Started my protein diet again
6. Planned my week
7. Called my lawyer
8. Read a bit

8 Things I wish to do

1. Talk and listen to God
2. Write a 5 year plan
3. Become closer to my dad
4. Drink, everyday
5. Sleep like a regular human being
6. Become a 0 goaler before the year ends
7. Own my own Estancia
8. Own an art gallery in Barcelona

8 shows I watch

1. Heroes
2. L word
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Boston Legal
5. Entourage
6. One on One
7. Private Practice
8. Gossip girl

8 Bloggers tagged
1. Sirius
2. Smaragd
3. Bumight
4. Roc
5. Qube
6. Danny B
7. juiceegal
8. Buttercup


  1. uuum i finally traced u here again after such a long frmur comment on sex-kittten.all i have to say is...efrebo...u go wound oooooooooooo!

  2. lol.. nice things you wish to do....drink what? LOL

  3. Miz-cynic: I guess I was just lucky
    Danny B: drink water bro. Yup, agua.

  4. which one of u guys watches Private practice? and "Grey's Anatomy"? House is much much better than Grey's anyday!

  5. ur meme is interesting. who wrote it amongst the threesome? *wink*

    I'm so looking forward to April salary. thot u worked solo, if u do, shldnt u be paying ur self?

    U know, i only look forward to this Wolverine movie cuz of my sexy beau Hugh Jackman, hopefully he's still wolverine. lol

    u do like chick flicks dude! Gossip girls? L word? seriously? lmao

    we have 5 shows in common, guess which?

    u had to tag me El magnifico, that must be O's doing (grrrr).

  6. Bumight: MY watches that.

    Smaragd: Yep I tagged you. I fly my family flag while I am serving my country. I figure you will have dem shows in common with MY & M. L word helps you understand women..
    Do the tah ha

  7. lol @ drinking water *rolls eyes*

    uh, which one of you watches Gossip Girl? you've just gotten yourself a new best friend..lol!

    yet another tag *tries not to groan*

  8. I also look forward to watching wolverine

    omg are you for real?
    you got to the beach and decided to leave ?? WOW


    o and i also downloaded stuff for my mac as well hehe


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