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Friday, April 24, 2009

O on: 6 days.... Day 2

My family decides to have a barbecue and I'm just the excuse because according to them, it's not often the prodigal son comes home. BBQ is at my cousin's and hottie is there to help with the arrangements. it's summer and the weather is great. hottie is flaunting those legs at me taking her time to cross my path while acting non challant to the point where i even question if yesterday happened.. I'm beginning to love every minute... Relishing what taking her down will feel like. I decide to take the game to her.... non chalance it is. After all, i won't be getting some.

I whip out my phone and make a phone call. It's to a girl from my past, Brazilian- Lebanese totally hotter than hottie. Nothing had happened between us and i know nothing ever will but she has this impression she can reform me so I let her. She's perfect for what I have in mind... Perfect for my little game. Let's call her hotter.

Me: hello you guess who is in town
Her: I don't believe you
Me: It's true but I'm around only for a few days. Listen I'm having a barbecue it would be lovely to see you
Her: I would love to but I'm having lunch with a client so I'll run a bit late.
Me: sure. it's at..... giving her the address.

Hottie See's me smiling, she thinks it's at her and resumes her haughty attitude. Little does she know.

I get into the preparations. Off with the shirt as the tattoos glisten in the sun. Lugging trays of drinks in to the basin, breaking Ice into them getting ready to party.
I decide to go get some Liquor I'm expecting some of the old guard and just like me they like to keep it neat. She decides she needs to get to the store as well. Perfect timing.. she knows how to play and I'm loving this.

why are you ignoring me she asks her manner like she's offended and I'm supposed to now be on the defensive. "I'm giving as good as I'm getting miss" I retort as my phone rings leaving me with the final word. Touche Round one.....

I stay on the phone the entire time. Not on purpose though, it's a prospective partner and I'm trying to move a meeting the next month to now so I can kill multiple birds with one stone. She pouts her first show of emotion but I whisper "it's business" with a shrug. This is going just perfectly.

Let's hit the FWD button.. arrangements concluded. chicken is on the grill. Hottie is off home to change and family plus friends begin to arrive. I'm on the lookout for hottie cos it's 2 hours and she still hasn't arrived the cool is beginning to wear off after all, what's a game if there is only one player? her arrival is announced by a few of the old guard who are wondering who the hottie is I turn to see her. Ebony beauty glistening in summer sun. Our eyes lock and she smiles she obviously planned this now she's the centre of attention as the dogs begin to circle. I'm cool scratch that.. Ice cold my smile says amused, my face.... enjoy. She's loving the attention and sending her message clear and distinct I DECIDE cos I've got options.

It's getting late and my date hasn't arrived I'm getting tired of conversating with people and beginning to get irritated cos this is not the plan.. Ice cool is cracking so i fire off a MSG
"where are you???" and the reply comes "should be there in 5 minutes couldn't find parking"
oh yesssss now it's on.

She arrives and the dogs descend but she's not interested cos she's on a mission, searching for your boy. Hottie sees her competition but doesn't comprehend till hotter crosses the yard to where i am. doesn't comprehend till I begin to hug hotter in a way that has all the dogs plus the old guard nearly blind with jealousy... who says patience doesn't pay off??

I dedicate all my time to hotter watching hottie in the corner of my eye the whole time. Our conversation is platonic but from a distance, it looks totally romantic and we continue for hours. From the corner of my eye is see hottie's demeanour change. Now she's irritated with her suitors but that's not what I'm waiting for. She tries to grab my attention from across the yard, I ignore her willing her to come and come she does.

"Sis M (my cousin) is looking for you" her excuse for coming. I play along then play a hand with my straightest poker face making the introductions. If looks could kill, this would be an epitaph for hotter. I make my excuses leaving them both to find my cousin who of course wasn't looking for me but needed me all the same.

By the time I get back, the dogs have circled after all hottie and hotter in the same spot added bonus for them till hotter leaves the fray for me. I wish i could imagine hottie's thoughts...
She whispers in my ear, "I'll have to leave soon" to which i tell her I'll walk her whenever she's ready. And we keep conversing in combination with subtle flirting. Hottie is getting worked up. Jealousy can change beings LoL

It's time for hotter to go and I see her off. The barbecues is fading like the embers on the grill so i decide to take my time in coming back. I call up an old friend and hotter drops me off at his.

3 hours later, my phone beeps.


wondering if you're coming back soon.

i reply,

not sure why?

come and finish what you started.

I ignore the message and spend quality time with my friend. a few missed calls later i arrive back at my cousin's. she's gone of course but it's the end of day 2 and the game is fully in my hands now.



  1. U bad bad child

    LOVE UR GAME!! WAT!!!!


  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTH mhen!

    Playing dangerous games are we?

    I hope no one gets burned.

  3. Uv got game........ur gonna have her eatin out of ur hands by day 6

  4. U evil you! lol...the again, hottie was totally asking for it...

  5. We have all played the game at one point or another. You know you want her.

  6. omg! i so do not like O! meanie.

    i think she could've been a little more subtle though.

  7. Qube: Thanks man.

    Smaragd: I so do like you

    Juicegal: I intend to.

    NIce Anon: I do want her but as the ROC put it, the aderanaline in the chase...

    Bumight: Yes me evil me lol

    Sirius: I don't intend to get burnt.. her.. oh well

  8. Evil little man... I hope you're ready for me though...

  9. ML: i am ready and waiting....

  10. ohhhhhweeeeee! I gotta hand it to u..a girl wud have to be made of stone if she remains unaffected by the game u played..


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