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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MY on:: Lagos My City By Night

Hope Easter was lovely for you i spent it taking photos and chilling with H. M told you about the book project though i can't put the photos going in it up, i'll do a mini 3 day project on here called Lagos my Lagos. This first shot is called city by night.

My city by night is now a city of light,
Gone are the days when sunset brought fright,
with people screaming tales of their plight.
with no form of aid or help in sight.

My city by night is now a place of bliss,
Where i walk the streets in relative peace
Lamps show the way as my fears cease
Returning to my home all in one piece

My city by night I'm proud to say,
Thanks to good governance, has found it's way
Peace and tranquility have come to stay,
For development and growth, to God we pray.

El Loco Hombre


  1. Nice one socio. I tell you you've inspired me. I'm getting me a slr soon

  2. whaaaaaaaaat! there wasnt any comment when I got here! mscheeeeeeeeeew!

  3. wow..u really did justice to lagos with that pic..

    loved the piece underneath..

  4. Socio, tu es primero y segundo. You are really on top of your game. Gracias hermano.

    Senora de Chari la una y solo Buttercup, Gracias chica. More to come on lagos.

  5. Naiiace dude...... Looks like there are a lot of closet poets on this our blogger thingy!!!!

  6. Danny B:
    Thanks Bro. Are you still in MY Lagos?
    it's on for the next 3 days so look out for more.

  7. Lagos is truly starting to becomme beautiful, especially on the island! your pic could have fooled me into thinkinh that was New york...

  8. Bumight and Blogoratti muchas gracias.

  9. I love this. Can't wait to go there...


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