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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O: on My Toy Wishlist


A miserably married guy decides he needs some companionship, so he goes to a pet store. The salesman says, " I have a great pet for you. A toothless hamster". The guy says, "Nah." The salesman says, "But it gives great head." The guy takes it home. His wife screams, "What the hell is that thing?" He says, "Never mind what it is. Teach it to cook and then get the fuck out."
I was chatting with M and the message went something like this

M: Pervert seems you've created a following on blogville i wonder if we can keep up
Me:Lol what can i say, blessed are the perverse for they shall inherit Nirvana
M: Any Update on the neice?
Me: Not interested man, too too young.
M: That all?
Me: She looks too much like her aunt but she isn't in anyway like her. Plus I'm not sure she's gonna be into toys
M: You and your toys sef.
O: Thinking to post on my wish list of toys i would like to use on a particular blogger (6)
M: ROTFLMAO... Go for it bro lemme know when you post
O: Sure thing

I've always been fascinated with toys and this is what my wish list is right now

Steel Bondage frame

This is THE work station, it has three welded bondage hooks built in at the top - one in the middle, and one near each of the top two corners . This rack can be used for upright flogging, suspension, vertical spread-eagle, and of course my favourite teasing.. This heavy-gauge rack is also fine for supporting bondage swings. can be packed away easy and put in your wardrobe or closet

* use the pinwheel with this baby if she's really into it' add the japanes clamps for the Final K.O bring in a Bullet That's how amma play if this was in my crib.

The double sided pinwheel

This is specifically designed for play. There are two rotating pin wheels for added sensation. The stainless steel pin are set 1" apart, and are very sharp, with sharper, more pointy tips than the traditional Wartenberg Pinwheel. The handle is 5" long and covered with easy-to-grip mesh webbing. The entire unit is bleach safe. To be used with light pressure

Silver Ball tickler

The great advantage of this ball chain tickler is the range of sensations that are possible. When used lightly, the sensation created is not really a tickle, but more of a caress. Used more aggressively though, this baby can really sting like only metal can.

*i prefer this to a whip. it can be ticklish and painful it's a matter of pressure and choice

Japanese Clover Clamps
Tease her nipples with Japanese clover nipple clamps on a silver chain. They become slightly tighter when you pull on the chain. I've been dreaming of one for nearly 3 months now

* only for those who like to play the border of pain and pleasure.


The Dore Alley Bed

The Dore Alley Bed brings timeless style and elegance to your bedroom, and at the drop of a hat becomes your own personal dungeon.

*Beauty of this baby is you can hide the accessories so it's a normal bed till the lights go off ;)

THe G Spot Spreader
or the fuck Stockade as some call it:
The G-Spot spreader is an adjustable, easy to maneuver Stockade will lock down your loved one with secure, steel collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. Held perfectly captive on all fours, your partner will be exposed and positioned for fucking, sucking and supreme humiliationin a position that makes hitting the G-spot easier and more accurate than ever before. It's lightweight and mobile sp you can set it up anywhere you desire and take it from there. comes with an adjustable base, as well as detachable neoprene wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collar and chain. You can use it to tilt the hips and enter the vaginal canal or anus from a new angle making penetration deeper and more satisfying.

*There's a certain someone in our midst....
Bringing me to my knees is her claim

I will oblige you if you insist....
I'll come with my Stockade to play a game
Till we see who screams a name
I'll tell you what i want to do to you
But not on here......
I'll be where it's just us
My sexy vixen meet me there.


  1. first!!!!!!!

    Dude u r........am speechless.....

    Miz Lowlah u'd beta run....

  2. lol @ Qube!

    O, these ur toys are giving me shivers o! i mean, the double sided pinwheel? see, I knew O would be interesting! now where are the others hiding out?
    I just hope ur sexy vixen is ready!

  3. Oh...Kay.

    This is......


    *can't find the right word.....

    *help me here.

  4. @ Sirius: different, deviant, cunt-stretchingly toe-curlingly intensely unusual.

    Does that help?

  5. Gracias nina. need any more help Sirius?

  6. been wondering what to get a friend for her bridal shower.
    this is a bit too much but i do have some ideas now.
    TOYS :-)
    in fact i remember where to go now.


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