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Friday, April 10, 2009

MY on: Please sit down.... Feliz Semana Santa

We're all trying to make things happen for ourselves. Targets we've set that we're out to meet, Projects we want to complete and what not. Yes we need to work double time but let's all take a minute and sit down.

Please sit down, I'm hidden from the street.
Please sit down, weary traveller do take a seat.
Please sit down, rest your tired feet.
Please sit down and relax as the birds tweet

Please sit down, take a minute and look around.
Please sit down, take in the serenity and the calm.
Please sit down,enjoy nature's healing balm
Please sit before the crowds of the world cause you to drown,
Take a minute aside and please sit down.

Feliz semana santa Todos
Abarazos from el loco hombre


  1. Taking a moment off from life's busy schedule is definitely a good thing...

    Thanks for sharing*

  2. I love your pictures MY! amazingly breathtaking!!...and the little poems u write under just seem to totally capture the essence of the picture.

  3. lovely..and i agree with bumight..

    u've got talent, MY..

    happy easter!

  4. This is exactly why MY is my fave.

    happy easter dude! hope u weren't too naughty.

  5. how was Easter????

    i *am* sitting down......what next?????


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