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Monday, April 27, 2009

O on: 6 days... DAY 4

The day breaks and it's day 4. I slept little last night, My thoughts centered around hottie. Like a crack addict in a crack house i wrestled with my phone all night resisting the urge to call her. The strategist in me prevailed so i slept fitfully. Today i have nothing to do except hottie business is done and the next 2 days are mine. I call cousin to let her know i will be coming to pick my adorable nieces I plan to take them to the theme park to make up for sending gifts every time but not showing up. From ten they are mine cousins says so i rush to get ready. I aim to show hottie a different side of me today, so i call her and invite her to come along, "Ok" is her hesistant reply as i tell her i'm picking her up by 10.

I pick up a fully loaded picnic basket and a 2 bottles of rose from the front desk. Pick up kids then hottie and off we go. It's a wonderful day and with wonderful days in rain country everyone is out. Conversation is bright as always when you have kids in the car. Hottie is enjoying herself, smiling shyly whenever she catches my furtive glances. She's chatting with the kids just what i had in mind. guard down totally relaxed. I'm relaxed too, no sinister plans just out to enjoy the day. The night is another matter entirely * Wink*

The park is packed so i find us a spot and lay out the blanket. The kids are rearing to go so i let them. "you're great with them" hottie says as they bound off like they had NOS for breakfast. The blanket is laid and hottie takes shape on the grass. DAMN she's hot and and there is nothing sexier than a girl who knows she is sexy. I lay out the spread and root out the first bottle of bubbly, *POP* it's open and i pour. We sip and she blurts out what's been on her mind " O what do you want from me?" The fact that I'm off in a few days has her mind thinking in only one direction. Though today isn't a day of gaming, The strategist in me will never let her know how i truly feel.

I tell her the same thing i did yesterday " I want you.. all of you... one day at a time .... let's start with now" as i offer her some finger food. She takes a bit of my finger with the food with a glint in her eye. We converse about everything, why i hardly come to rain country even though practically my entire family is there.... love.... life...... sex.... till we empty the first bottle. The kids come back and we have lunch i can see hottie is thoroughly enjoying herself as my ever active nieces convince her to join in on their fun. Me I'm the boring uncle so I'm content to watch them play. As we hit the final phase of the day at the park and hottie and i actually get on a few rides. She's holding on to me and it feels good.

We walk around the park hand in hand, no serious contact. Today is going to be easy going absolutely no games just carpe diem. She stops and looks at me and tells me "You have me confused, what do you like about me" i don't answer, I kiss her. Long and deep exploring her mouth, tangling tongues, drinking her in like an elixir my life depended on. When we break off i tell her " we can start with the way you kiss" she looks at me, about to say something then thinks better of it. we continue to walk till we circle back, pick up the basket and get the kids, It's time to go back home.

We drop off the kids and head off to have dinner. Dinner goes by and I ask her what she would like to do. "let's go to yours" she says in one breath, the look in her eyes tells me tonight is the night so we head of to mine. We sit at the balcony and sip on the last bottle of rose. Taking in the sights. Maroon 5 blaring from my ipod, we continue conversing I get back in and get a blanket cos it's beginning to get chilly.

We're cuddling and making out in the love seat and she tells me she doesn't want tonight to end 'cos it's too perfect. With the city passing beneath us i tell her "we're not having sex tonight" as she looks at me i tell her i just want to hold her and wake up next to her because it's now more than sex for me. Time passes in the love seat as day 4 passes with it.


  1. awwwwwwwww......dats such a sweet story
    so wt u gonna do wen its tym 4 u 2 go bak
    y dnt u just tel her u like her ahn ahn.....nawa o..lol

  2. OH yea nd i 4got 2 mention dat im first

  3. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. O! u're sending mixed signals now...aight, lemme chill and see what's next!

  5. Lol@ juicegal
    Bumight: I did send mixed signals I guesd the 10% angel in her appealed the iotabof angel in me... Day 5 is a different story though.

  6. I have to admit, albeit grudgingly, u are good! and now that u are saying u want more than just sex, i think O gets a few measly points.

    That said, the cynical part of me would probably fall for this, it's all too "good to be true", if i wanted a good shag, however, i'll be game, afterall, the guy took out so much time to stage a perfect plot.

  7. oops! I meant NOT fall for this!

    and the perfect seduction plot.

  8. Dude...I'm ...wat.....

    Pls tutor me *bowing down to ur seduction art*

    Men d next time d girl cathes u alone u wil get raped.....

  9. @smaragd: A few measly points from you hmmm. Your cynicism to my plotting a perfect combo don't you think?

    @Qube: We all have it in us hombre the key is making sure the little guy never develops a brain and the fluffy thing in your chest remember it's just there to pump blood

    @ scribbles: As you are socio for we are one and the same.

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  11. OMG haha i love people like you, they go after what they want...

  12. You've got your game on point!
    But I sooo do not like games...Not patient enough alas...

  13. Confessions carino. I sooo love games. They are what keep the fire burning ;)


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