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Sunday, April 26, 2009

O on: 6 days.... Day 3

It's day 3 and I'm a man with a mission. I wake up bright and early so i can get business out of the way to enjoy an evening of pleasure on my way to my meeting, I make a reservation at my favorite restaurant. I think about hottie all through my meeting then i call but she doesn't pick up. For me, that's totally perfect.

She returns my call, I reject it and then send her a message; In a meeting let's have dinner i'm thinking Japanese and i know this place that has the best sashimi.

Cousin already told me she was crazy about sushi and like any man ready to play the game, i knew more about her than she thought. Finding out she liked japanese as well kinda upped her a few points in my book. When she replies, " where and what time?" I know, once again it's touche...

Meeting is over, I rush home to change before heading out stopping at the florists before getting there to pick up a dozen white carnations. Tonight i have only one mission; to enjoy some wonderful sashimi, and charm my way into the core of hottie's being. I'm early which is perfect cos i have time to give the maitre'd my instructions.... Leave a water vase filled with water on the table, break up the bouquet and bring the first stem with the sake, 3 stems to follow the first, then 5 stems, then 2 stems and finally the last. All with 10 minute intervals and they should come with rolled notes i just scribbled. Now the stage is set.

I sit and wait, drinking a some sake to kill time till she arrives. She's late but comes looking like the hottie she is. I'm staring.. scratch that I'm oogling and practically eating up my eye candy before the evening begins. it's so bad i have to really check myself so i don't get ahead of the plan *wink*. "How did you know i liked Japanese food" her first question as she sits. i smile without saying a word as i order the sake along with water. The sake comes with the water and the first carnation. she read the one lined note, " white flag" she looked at me and asks, "what's this for?" "last night" is my reply in the most seemingly non-challant manner i can put on because my aim is to unbalance hottie and play her emotions hot and cold.

"You're not getting off that easy"
her reply and i knew she had risen to the bait. Nothing more was said as the waiter arrives and takes our orders i take her hand from across the table gazing into her eyes, i see her waiting for an explanation which is not forthcoming as i weave our conversation to her day. Then the next batch arrives. Her expression changes as she reads " I will always give as good as i get..".

" What do you mean?
she asks? as i smile telling her I'm a mirror and will only reciprocate what i get. before she can react, i change the subject again asking about her plans and keeping the conversation flowing away from the apparent. Her face is tightening and i know my aim is being achieved.. Internal mulling and confusion. Dinner arrives, Seared salmon ngiri sushi as we savor dinner with more sake.

"What happened to you yesterday?" she asks and i know the geyser has burst. Like clockwork, more carnations arrive and she goes straight for the note "games can be tiring" Her expression is priceless, sheer and total confusion " i don't get you" she says to which i reply, "very few people do, Just enjoy the evening, enjoy us" As i take her hand in mine again. The sake begins to take effect as the physical contact and flirting begins in earnest.

She get's up to go where women go, i pay the bill so that doesn't delay me. as she get's to meet the final package is on the table she's hesistant to read the notes but she does "i have 3 days left"
" I want you..."

we leave the restaurant not long after playing my last hand for the night, i drive straight to her estate and park. Now she's confused because bringing her straight home was the last thing she was expecting. I sense her hesitation as she gets down from the car, her confusion as we walk to her house. she pauses as we reach her door and as our eyes lock i know for her, games are over.

Our lips lock and tongues tangle. The passion erupts like a volcano and at that moment, I stop and tell her goodnight my final play to end the evening. A play that at this point could either make or break the plan. She's quiet in shock but she manages to mumble a reply as i walk to my car without looking back. Wether i had conquered this 90% devil 10% angel at this point i'm not sure.

My thoughts as i drive back to the hotel are mottled centering on me wondering if i had taken it too far because you see, i was beginning to fall for hottie and i wanted this to last for longer than 6 days. I wanted her to be a reason for me to leave the sun for unpredictable weather.

As i enter my room, my phone beeps with a message: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME O?.

I smile as i reply ending day 3

my reply was simple, just one word. YOU.


  1. You've got game bruv.... Maybe I'll enroll for some tutorials in your school o.. Chei!

  2. Oh wise One, bless me wiv ur wisdom....

    Dang son!! Ur game's MAHD!!! What!!!

    Oh she goin down.....

  3. Hmmmmmmm i cnt wait 4 days 4 5 and 6
    Uv got game........dnt let ur head swell o..lol

  4. head wanna burst from all this hype day 4 is a lot different though.
    Thanks Danny B, Qube and Juice gal


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