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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

O on: 6 days... Into day 6

She rushes into the kitchen with me right behind. I'm cussing in my head at the interruption, it's safe to say i won't be having any of hottie's cooking. We decide to order take out instead. She grabs the phone to order and i get back to work taking her nipple in my mouth sucking and nibbling. Her attempt to make her order begins to amuse me. "can i have ummm spe ummm err special fried rice with with" " stop" she whispers to me pushing me away. She finally makes the order and gets off the phone. I see it in her eyes, Now it's time for some fun.

There is no need for foreplay as she pushes me to the kitchen top, no need for comfort as she climbs on the table top. Straddling me with her feet on the table her hands holding onto the bars on the window i now know she's not just hot and sexy, this vixen is flexible and knows her sex. I slide into her and we start off slowly picking up speed by the second till we're full speed ahead. I bury my head in her breasts moving from mound to mound giving each care that is neither loving or tender.

Hottie's moans grow louder and i know she's close so we switch positions. Her back suspended from the kitchen top, her hands supporting her from it's edges. I hold her butt cheeks and continue thrusting. We both know dinner will be here soon and we don't want to be interrupted. Her tremors begin and i feel my knees begin to buckle so i push her well onto the table and put some more horse power into it. Her moans become louder as my breathing changes into a grunt. To the untrained ear, the sound of pure animalistic pleasure emanating from hottie's kitchen will leave them baffled. With a guttural moan hottie lets herself go and hearing her orgasm has me dropping my load.

Ping the bell rings and dinner is here, hottie goes to find a robe and get dinner while i take my time to explore her flat. Her flat is just as sexy as she is. Simply decorated but you can see and feel the theme and intensity in the place, pretty much like a mac. "Nice place" I tell her when she finally gets back. "Thank you" she whispers as she motions for me to follow her leading me into her bathroom. It's candle lit as well, pretty obvious hottie had a plan. We take a long shower taking turns soaping each other and washing off and toweling before heading back to the living room to have dinner.

Dinner is washed down with some white wine. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca keeps us company. Apparently, Hottie likes the classics as well. That's another thing i have in common with this bombshell. "Mind blowing sex with a bombshell, dinner and a classic movie; not a bad way to spend my last night" I'm thinking to myself as i relax and sip on some more vino. It's getting late and I know I have to leave soon cos I need to catch some sleep before heading to the airport. It's as if hottie is reading my mind cos she pulls my face to hers and looks me straight in the eyes.

There is no need to say anything, our eyes speak and our souls understand even before our brains comprehend the language of sex. I carry her into her bedroom and drop her on the bed there are no lights on and there is no need for any. We begin to explore slowly in total darkness finding places that bring pleasure, mentally recording them till we both slowly reach the peak and implode right before we explode.

As my taxi takes me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning of day 6, my mind goes back to a scene from last night. When my ride called to let me know he was waiting outside to take me back to the hotel i answered"I'm coming" only for me to hear hottie whisper "me too.. me too" I smile when I remember hottie's words. I smile because I know I will be back to this rainy country, back to the 90% devil 10% angel.

Ps. The necklace was forgotten till i got back to sunny country. She found it but hasn't worn it she said she's waiting for me to come put it on her.


  1. Oh lawdy!!! that's so cool, please come back to the rainy country soon so we can have more stories lol...Hottie is a lucky, lucky girl

  2. *fans self*

    ok, so u got me hot n bothered! realllyyyy hawttt and bovvaaaddd!

  3. I turn around for a sec and u've updated a 100 times!

    off to catch up..hmmph!

  4. oh boy..

    awwwww @ her waiting for u to put on the necklace for her *sighs*

  5. Peaches: I will soon.

    Smaragd: Go get up to some cooling.

    Buttercup: there's three of us so we can post a lot. I intend to put it on her soon

  6. Cerberus, this is titillating. You've got me all excited.

    Thanks for stopping by my hangout. I appreciate you.

  7. AWwww wt a cute endin.....im hopin ul b bak 2 d rainy country soon so we cn read more stories of u nd hottie....*wink wink

  8. @ Sex Kitten: Thank you for stopping by.

    Juiceegal....we'll see.

    Miss Lowlah.... Hell no? the only L word i appreciate is the one on TV with a predominantly female cast.

  9. And you couldnt stay more that 6 days?


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