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Friday, September 11, 2009

My On: Otondo ... Primary Assignment

First I'll like to hype the hottest lounge in our city of blogville. it's called tweetville and if you haven't been, you are on a long thing my friend.

So i served my 14 day sentence in fox river (Lagos orientation camp. All other camps are Sona prison LWKMD!!) and my Parole officer assigned me to my primary assignment. see me thinking it was gonna be fun.

Check dis folks, the day i go to report i am mobbed by 7 women o
Yes you heard me, not 1, or 2,3,4,5,6,......7 yes 7.

I was posted ( note the use of the word "was" cos i reject my sharply) to a federal government monitoring group for communications. As I reach there apart from the security all the people I met till I got to the office were women.

When i got to the office to report if you see the way the director shouted. " Finally a man"
I was like ehn???
the monitoring office has 7 personnell 6 of them were women me the unlucky corper was to be the addition.
as my Ibo brethren will say MBA!!!

My welcome was so nice all of them hugging e con be like sey na competition for who can hug the longest.

My people i form married o with new born baby (my niece) one woman said" it doesn't matter"


If the women were fine sef, I for manage

If dem no be like hippopotamus, If for think am

But my people these were WOMEN scratch that MADAMS scratch that again BLEACHED OUT WOSKY TIGERS.

Sharp sharp, I ask for rejection before all these tigers eat me raw for my mama.

I can't shout.

Montones Besos,
MY....The number 1 otondo in Lagos


  1. seven women... sounds like the place to be.. except for the fact that they were 'bleached out wosky tigers.. but then.. in the land of the blind.. a one eyes man/ woman is king.... hmmmmmmm

  2. LMAO @ "bleached out wosky tigers"!
    I was just going to say, why were u complaining when u'll have 6 beautiful women fawning over you....then i got to the end!

    i take it plan b worked then?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. watin?!
    i hope u don't get stuck there o! or jump from frying pan to fire some where else. lol

  5. lol... you for die there...

    what if where you are going to is worse than this one??

  6. Looool damn my ppl go talk say that u have "talafufu"(suffered)
    Ndo lol but where are u posted to?

  7. LMAO!!!
    Bleached out wosky tigers???

    pele o!...

  8. LMAO @ Bleached out wosky tigers! Dang! ROTFLMAO @ "it doesn't matter." Shuo? Na so e bad reach? lol

    First time here, loving it...

  9. LWKM! You are soooo mean!
    Chai, see as u yab d women wey dey trip for u!

  10. lwkmd!!! But what do u mean by calling them Tigers? Pls edit o- cos i dont look the way u've described these women.

  11. @AkaBagucci... I for like to be peasant for this land oh!!

    @Bumight... Let's say we are implementing plan C

    @Splash & Dante... Nna i'm fasting sef

    @Controversy... I have talafufu no be small o brother.

    @Fabulo-La... :D

    @aeedeeaee... My sister, na so e bad reach o. Welcome to our umunna hope you continue to visit us.

    @Mizchif... why are you being mizchifous na i will give dem your number o

    @Tigeress... Gangsta cat, you see i did not call them tigeresses even blind man know sey dem no reach your spec.

    @NaijaBabe.. This love, No be for me. :D

    xxx peeps. i typed this thing like 6 times.

  12. LMFAO @ bleached wosky tigers. Okay, you just officially killed me with this one Cerebs.

  13. i would have said you would prob'ly be safe
    but times have changed
    i think you have a good plan

    just be sure of where you are re-posting to.

  14. Hippopotamus? are you sure they didn't post you to a river


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