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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My On: Life in Fox RIVER

I’ve had people ask me how life was in fox river (that’s the NYSC orientation camp.) I know a few blogville citizens will be sentenced to serve 21 days so consider this an inside scoop

In that zone,
We have our Prison guards (the soldiers)
Our Sarah Tancredi’s who’ll give you a get out of jail card (exeat) (medical corpers)
The governor ( State Coordinator)
The warden (Camp Commandant)

In that Zone:

• You’ve got your prison cells you share with at least 24 other people

• The rule don’t drop the soap still very much applies except you have no fear of skin diseases of course.

• Doing the number one and two takes more will power than physical power.

• Though the Guards (soldiers) act like they are from hell they are actually quite nice.

• You HAVE TO wake up at o430 in the morning everyday

• Your liver faces an onslaught of alcohol abuse for 14-21 days

• All the guards have a price so if you can’t take it any more, dip your hands in your pockets and get someone to name a price

• It’s a mixed prison so you need to take serious advantage of the opportunity

• Even if you can, don’t let then know you can march cos if you do, your life will be so over. While everyone else is in the yard ( Mamy) you’ll be busy being the commandant’s bitch

• Getting it on is frowned upon and considering the lack of discrete locations in Fox River most resort to grimy means… why not serve out your 21-day sentence I always ask?

If you are gonna serve a 14 or 21 day sentence in fox river,you will need:
• Bedsheets

• A bucket

• A waist pouch

• Ditch the soap go shower gel

• Loads of white tees, shorts & socks

• Underwear too except you plan to wash

• Most Importantly, Loads of cash!!!!



  1. LOL!
    I hated that place!
    I wasn't in Lagos- Ogun
    My camp was full of my school peeps, so life was much easier- We Ruled!!!
    But I hated the place,
    Counted down every second.

  2. lmao...nw dt a funny picture of NYSC I've never seen.

  3. LOL.. At least you were lucky to be in Lagos mehn... Yours truly picked up malaria back in the day!

  4. Now you've gpt me scared. Booooooooo

  5. now you got me wishing i could go back and do the NYSC thingy!

  6. this still pretty much sounds like hell...

  7. Sirius.... don't think i hated camp that much, but then i wasn't in Ogun camp.

    Rene.. glad you find it somewhat amusing.

    AkaBagucci.... Nooooo!!!! the don can fall ill

    MIss Fizzy... It aint that bad miss

    Bumight... As long as we're together that aint happening ;)

    Fabulo-la.... No guapa call it purgatory

  8. i can't wait to go do mine....should be fun, lol


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