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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

O on: Lady in Red *2

continued from here

She comes out of her world to order another glass only to be told the bottle is exhausted.

The moment of confusion is evident on her face...

I have an idea where her head is at....

Another vintage...

Another drink....

It's time to make my move.

Hi I don't mean to interrupt your solitude but the waiter explained a predicament they have ro me and it will be my pleasure to share what's left of my bottle with you.


Thanks but..

Me :
Not a problem, my name is O and I'm having dinner across the room. I can see you're here for some alone time so I'll leave you to it.

I head back to my table to finish my dinner leaving the bottle with the waiter and wait for what I'm confident will come.

Wether she wants it to happen or not, thoughts of me will continue to break into her solitude.

My friends arrive and I'm not alone anymore. With our banter cutting accross the room, I catch her sneak looks at me every once in a while meeting each time with a smile.I know her interest is piqued.

I notice her have a discussion with the waiter who no doubt is doing his part

From the corner of my eye, I see her get up to leave...

I'm wondering if played my cards wrong when the maitre'd aproaches my table and slips me a note... "From the lady in red sir"

"Thanks for the wine,
I can see you're busy.
My number is ﹟
Call me...


I smile because my weekend just took a new dimension....



  1. Smooth is an understatement! Why do i get the wierdos?
    Infact i wish you were just making this up.

  2. lol....that was too easy jare....as a big boy, nice...


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