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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

O on: It's Time to Retire

I’m standing outside the galleria with this bombshell after seeing hangover and phone beeps...

*I wanna see you, meet me at the galleria*

She’s what I’ll call a “dead” link so I’m thinking to myself it’s time to get out of here but miss pretty isn’t ready she’s trying to plan the rest of the evening so we’re standing there talking with friends for over 30 minutes.

You know it’s time to retire when more than 5 girls that are still “live” coincidentally cross your path in 30 minutes…



  1. The life of a player.......

    BTW, when did u change the template? I'm not sure i'm loving it.

  2. 5 girls that are still 'live'...?
    I dont get....

  3. This template = no good. I liked the old one better.

  4. u know what the next question is, right?

    what's a "dead link"?

  5. whats a dead link?

    and what does 5 girls that are still live cross your path mean?

    so what is "live"?

  6. dead links and live links are spot on classifications of the chic in your life.
    But darn, if yo have 5 links cross your path at the same time, you must be exposing yourself to too much current. Are you earthed?

  7. Mizchif... More like the life of the uncommitted

    Nice Anon.. working on it as i type this.

    Bumight & Tisha.... Tobenna has answered for me.

    Tobenna & Splash... Apparently my earthing was loose and i didn't notice.


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