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Friday, September 4, 2009

O on: mile high hookup

She's tall.. curvacious and for all i know she could be a Victoria Secret model...

She's right behind me on the queue at the check in counter and i fight the instinct to chat her up. I'm gonna take my time with this bombshell.

we've boarded and she's sitting in front of me...

work first so i wrap up my presentation and practice for a hour all the while mulling my approach.

The flight is quite scanty so she's alone on her row and so am I

She's reading a self help book and she's got work in front of her as well so i decide on my approach...

I tear a sheet of paper and write

Excuse my means but my intention is at the minimum to make you laugh this monday morning.

I would love to have a conversation, can i take the seat next to you...

Yes come over

No do not disturb me

Ps. you should be smiling by now.


I pass the note...

she passes it back...

Yes come over

2 hours of laughter and conversation,

I head off to my meeting with plans for dinner and drinks secured..



  1. Smooth skills there.......lol

    Nice........you do know you started this, so we must get update on DATE!

  2. See that's the way these things are done. Not some wack ass approach/chat up lines some dumb guys come up with.

  3. Loool! I am impressed.
    Now why dont i get chatted up like this ehn??

  4. CERBERUS! been trying to follow u on twitter for yonks! dont make me go loco amigo...lol. how r u? i see some things haven't changed, u r still charming the all over yea?

  5. Sirius... Date coming up.

    Mizchif.. I used to be a wack ass guy... a long long time ago but don't tell anyone

    Fabulo-la... thanks

    Smaragd... My darling where have you been hiding?

  6. ooooooooohhh boy u've got game!! keep us posted o!

  7. see lyrics o...kai, its not easy....


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