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Friday, October 16, 2009

MY On: Again we apologise.

We owe the family a thousand apologies. Blaming it on twitter wont work 'cos I'm the only one on twitter and I've been absent there too. I've been so so busy planning an MY photo exhibition, trying to help O find the perfect business opportunity and M find a new Job. It aint easy being part of Cerberus but we try.

I've got an exhibition coming up mid November and selecting the pieces, getting them printed and publicity is driving me nuts especially because i want to exhibit just 8 pieces. What i can tell you now for certain is that the exhibition is going to be held at a Bodegas in Ikoyi in November but I'll keep the family posted.

On the other hand, if you wouldn't mind helping, pop along to www.mayii.shutterchance.com and choose 8 pieces you would pay 500$ for and email to me at mail2cerberus@gmrail.com.
muchas gracias in advance.

going on, my spanish has retarded to the point of practical inexistence supported once in a while by incoherrent babbling.. Okay it's not that bad but situation is critical.

Hope all is well it blogville. look out for my main post

With love
Your favourite Loco Hombre.


  1. o u r dead meat MY....consider yourself just dead...i should have known to...

  2. finally a post...waiting for a proper one soon. lol the comment above sounds so ominous. goodluck oh MY. Goodluck to all your endeavours too and I shall do as you asked.

  3. Good luck to all you guys and all the best with the exhibition. Let me go see your site.

  4. Are you the owner of Twitter?

    Been pissing me off everytime I come here.

    Will check out the pics though.

  5. Loved the pictures! Im bad at choices. Absolutely rubbish at it, so I cant choose :P


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