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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MY On: The Project So Far

It started out as an exhibtion in celebretion of me being home for a year.  It has evolved into something much larger. here's a copy of the press release going out to media houses.....

Yaadein: Memories Of The Year Gone By is a celebration of photography, wine and cognacs from the 11th – 13th of December 2009 at the prestigious XO Winery & Stores located at 82 Raymond Njoku, in Ikoyi Lagos.  Yaadein will be the first photography exhibition to take place in a winery in Nigeria and this event will bring together individuals of fine taste and impeccable culture who will be hosted by Roger Chedid, A master wine and Cognac Connoisseur and his team.

To commemorate this Event, M.M.O Photography in collaboration with XO Winery has put together a collectors edition coffee table book. This publication will contain the exhibited images, Selected poetry as well as information on select exquisite wines and cognacs ranging from history, vintage, storage and serving temperatures, compatible meals and appetizers.

1500 copies of the photo book will be produced with 500 copies distributed at no cost to select hotels, restaurants, airport lounges, embassies and other upscale locations while 600 copies will be distributed for sale in time for the Christmas festive period via Silverbird Lifestyle, This day media stores, Farafina and Jazzhole. An additional 400 copies will be sold during the exhibition itself creating a location reach of 1000 locations.

MMO photography is the brainchild of Nigerian Born, Spanish Influenced photographer Mayii  .  While the book is a collectors edition keepsake, The exhibition is a must see and the pieces a must own for anyone with an eye for art.

Mas Besos
El Loco Hombre.


  1. Proud of u honey, will try to make it by Gods grace - good luck, i know God will exceed your expectations.

    p.s.... thanks for forgetting -

  2. Ohhh this sounds like it will be good fun. Sometimes I just miss naija. Is it only photography you do? Who published the book, Kachifo? All the best to you...

  3. All the best. God is already taking the wheels...

  4. dude! hola at your boy na abeg!


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