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Friday, October 23, 2009

MY On: Lord Give me Strength

I sit down here in the dark listening to lounge music and sipping on some brandy.
I'm neck deep planning Yaadein. In case you don't know, that's my the theme title for the photo exhibition I had slated for early december this year.

I'm sitting in the dark listening to depressing Sade Adu and nursing my brandy simply because I need the Lord's strength to tread on. I'm currently looking to raise over 500,000 Naira from Ad sales spanning 4 full pages in the autographed catalogue.

I've been getting negative vibes about time frame, end of year, closed books and what not that alone can depress the s***t out of me but with friends like Freaksho and Pen & Paper encouraging me on as well as my blogville family, I know I can tread and trod on.

Blogville If you know any corporate or individual companies looking to place a full page Advert in my catalogue please let me know and do spread the word on my behalf.
I have just 4 pages ... Front Inner, Back inner and 2 inside pages.

Muchas Gracias.
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  1. What kind of catalogue are we talking about, any links?. Still all the best...

  2. I'm sure its going to be awesome Querido. The lord is your strength!

  3. whatever i can do i will do, if i cant do anything at least ill pray.

  4. Myne Whitman ... it's now a photobook and exhibtion. i'll put the book up once seyekuyinu finishes with the new website

    Bumight... Thank You guapa

    Neefemi... Thank you unpaid intern

    Fabulo-la... It's your prayers that make things happen.

    Miss Natural... i'll keep you posted miss. at least now you know why i don't blog so much

    BSNC... And he really is a rock.


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