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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

M on: District 9... Epiphany

So I just finished watching District 9 and I must say, I'm rooting for this film to clinch a bucket full of awards. Neil Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell have succeeded in 100 minutes to create an avenue for soul searching.

Ignore the so called "slur against the Nigerian Nation" and look at the big picture that District 9 paints. Our prejudice against what is not like us. No matter where we are, refugees co exist among us. The Ghanians came and we said Ghana must go. So did the Liberians and see what we did to them. The "aliens" who came to us by no choice of theirs.

All beings created by the supreme one are the same even if they don't look like us. We all talk about Racism and Profiling. We speak against Xenophobia and all forms of prejudice but the thing is, the very core of the message district 9 sends, is that we are all guilty. In one way or the other we have failed our fellow man who by no choice of his own is forced to stay among us by doing something as easy as just turning the other way.

District 9 has opened my eyes to see what I never saw before all it takes is a split second for the wheels to turn and with that for those who still don't get the message of this my ramble,

Read Half of a Yellow Sun By and then watch District 9 again. Anyone of us could be Wikus Van de Merwe and what happens when we become the alien we persecuted........Selah

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  1. Yaay! with two hands up.
    I share the same view too!

    Funny how we can watch movies and the Chinese are labeled bad guys- we don't complain, all of a sudden we are portrayed as the baddies, and there's an uproar- who says the Chinese like how Hollywood portrays them?

    I think the movie was awesome! and deserves to win a truckload of awards- and it's his 1st movie too, I mean. A pat on the back for the creativity and originality.

  2. very very interesting perspective. I was upset about how they portrayed Nigeria but I also felt for that dude and how he so wanted to be normal. I never thought about the film in the way you've just discussed it but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for expanding my thought process. Welcome lol

  3. well, you know me. i'd gladly sell my nationality for a big f@cking robot blowing shit up anyday!
    yeah. they ARE called Ghana-Must-Go bags, aren't they?
    how ironic.

  4. @ Sirius.... Glad we think alike

    @ Miss Natural.... De Nada

    @Freaksho... El presidente de Two Tech it is ironic.

  5. It's refreshing to hear a totally different viewpoint on the movie, so thank you.


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