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Monday, March 16, 2009

MY on: Barcelona, Mi casa

SO she called me today.... she being the kryptonite to my superman buzz. i keep saying to myself i hate her and she has no effect on me only for me to hear that sagacious bastard i have come to grudgingly respect called O snigger 'cos he knows that i know that deep down El loco hombre has been whipped, locked and discarded. Sad i know but hearing her call my name just has me acting like a puppy looking for treats and i find it disgusting but hey i can't help myself so * hands in the air shrug style*

I have this fantasy that O has been magnanimous enough to help me work towards actualizing. if you didn't know I'm not the conventional Nigerian, i consider myself part Catalan ( Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia for those who don't know and forever that will be my home. i took some of my best photographs there and met the most stunning people. The clubs are next to none and i still dream about Sutton, Carpe Diem and Shoko. I guess 6 months straight in Naija you can say I'm the only member of Cerberus not having fun O is busy building up this new business as well has working a 9-5 to keep us financially buoyant while M can't be any happier 'cos the polo is a lot cheaper here but what about me???

I miss my life, i miss the partying, i miss the Vodski Redbullski's, cava at champanaria, the wine tastings, hanging with Juanito who has a PhD in fun and Pollo. I miss the Turkish mafia, endless nights of partying, drinking, girls from everywhere ( that kept M pretty satisfied and i wish there weren't so many mixed race gals here), the drugs, the Carpe Diem lifestyle.
So back to that fantasy.... O i figure has been sensing my pain so he's helping me put plans together to open an art gallery in Barcelona and the plans are shaping up. So I'm gonna say this once and probably never again O rocks!!!! ( for now) Point is folks, Senor MY is heading back to BCN soon back to House music, Tapas, Laurent, Christine and my 2 lesbian sex goddesses.


Don't think I'm gone though, I'll still be here keeping you intrigued with life in Iberia and hopefully some stunning photography once i get my modjo back. Didn't know love could take that away but that's for another day.

Montones Besos.



  1. oooooooohhhh wow! never thought MY could get easily whipped! i have to meet the girl that brings MY to his knees! do tell, do tell!

    Barc seems to be where ur heart is? what do the other two think about this?

  2. You will never meet her senora Eva. I am going through the cold turkey process.

    Si Si, Barcelona is where my heart is Unfortunately convincing the 2 other mentes poderrosas is a herculean task, maldeta sea it's next to impossible. M only thinks about the high cost of playing polo while O believes he can weather the storm here and get his businesses properly off the ground.

  3. O kept me away! mchew, and now I've missed three good posts!

    U sound so "exotic" with all this talk about Barcelona (that's one of my places to visit) and pollo, and turkish mafia, and lesbian goddesses! I'm jealous

    Ur kryptonite eh? hmm, can we read more about her already?

    keep O away from me!


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