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Friday, March 13, 2009

M on: i think O just murdered my weekend

Today is Friday but i haven't got a TGIF bone in my body instead, i'm surly which is so unlike me. Let's start with last night, a simple drive home turned out not so simple because MY decides to go see the one girl that has got him whipped. End result one moody child 'cos she didn't give him the time of day.. I wonder why he doesn't give up O has told him countless times he was just her summer fling, her chance to date a "bad boy" . Being home is no better cos O is on the phone with madam the whole night for a rational dude he sure is putting us at risk 'cos her husband is back in town yup you head right husband. Dude is dating a married older woman!!! so much for no baggage ( i told you it was BS :) .

All this i really didn't care about 'cos the weekend is my forte and what O and MY pull during the week doesn't matter. Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to the horses. a time for chukkas and bush riding or just general grooming. I had already started packing my bags in my head then the text message comes, it's for O and it simply states that he's got an emergency meeting of HOD's tomorrow. Of all days it has to be tomorrow just when i've received a sanction from my polo captain about me not playing for 2 months i'm so pissed 'cos this dude has murdered my weekend. No horses, No chukkas just boring meeting during the day.

I hear MY gleefully gloating 'cos he gets to stay in lagos this weekend which to him means more rock star partying but i got news for you, O told me we are broke this week so you're not having any fun this weekend join my misery.

what's your weekend looking like, still going according to plan?



  1. hey!

    i'm first commenter at the triumvate! how is that for ubercool...lol

    dude, u got me a li'l worried when i saw ur comment, but now that i've read ur explanation and definition, i feel just a little better...lol

    seriously, there's sth "MPD-ish" about ur blog! u cant blame me, i psycho-analyse as a hobby.

    so u are a photographer huhn? and u speak spanish (i'm drooling now...lol), older women? hmmm, POLO (no, shut up! for real? in lag?).

    this will def be interesting, u've got urself a reader, welcome to bloggeria amigo!

  2. OMG! You r definitely MAD, PSYCHO n MPD! damn! classic case of imbalance between ID, EGO n SUPEREGO! so this is what you have been up to???

    O with a married woman!!!! MY stuck on summer fling!!! oh you can definitely write a novel with this. so so interesting n sad at the same time. i love the introduction to all three though. very very precise. keep em coming! at least i'll know which meds to bring for ya coz u need help badly!! lol!

  3. @ Black Rose:
    Stay tuned for more
    @ Lady S:
    Let the the psycho analysis begin though i believe O will think your expression is quite crass.


  4. crass? should i be upset?

    i'll just ignore O, seeing as he is just an ol' stick-in-the-mud.

  5. lmao lady S, i really like you.



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