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Friday, March 20, 2009

M on: 21 resons why you might consider dating a female horse rider.

Have you ever wondered why female participants of equine sports are so hot!!!? Well, here is a bunch of reasons why; 21 in fact.

1) Have 4 speeds and many positions

2) Wear tight pants and tall boots

3) Love getting dirty

4) Know how to ride their mounts

5) Perform rather well with animals

6) Like being in control

7) Will ride it for hours

8) Know how to handle a big girth

9) Get off easy

10) Are always on top

11) Like it rough

12) Have their legs spread all day long

13) Love using whips ;)

14) Straddle as their natural position

15) Don't mind being bucked around

16) Do it for three days if they are event riders

17) Can ride standing or sitting

18) Wear leathers everyday

19) Think the fast ones are the most fun

20) Are used to having hands between their legs

21) If they fall off, they get back on and ride harder

P.S. Have you seen the posting trot???!!!

Enjoy your weekend while i get on with some serious polo tomorrow!!!!!!!

*pictures courtesy Polistas-www.polistas.com wish i took them though.....sigh


  1. My, My, My! Now I feel so dumb for going to school instead of taking up an equine sport!

    How about though, the facts that they:

    - Fall off their mounts and break head,skull, spine, legs or other vital appendages?
    - get to lose their Vee rather unceremoniously?
    - get thrown in the dirt more often than I'm sure they care for?
    - sometimes get carried away and push their Mounts beyond its limit till it buckles beneath them, panting furiosly and unable to get up for ...?
    - smell of sweat and horse and leather, just like men! wouldnt that make a man who likes them gay?

    I could continue but I'm at work...

    p.s., I would probably still take up an equine sport... IN MY DREAMS!


    p.p.s., M's becoming my fave... sex on the brain!

  2. What's The Posting Trot? a Kama Sutra position?

  3. Ahhh senora S, glad to know i am your fav.

    now to your points, though they are salient truths from a woman's perspective but us mens think much differently ;)

    The posting trot is "bouncing" on the saddle while the horse trots. simply put, follow the rhythm

  4. I'm With S on this one....Definitely with her.

  5. The women take their stand!!! what do you have to say M ?

    Glad to have you Sirius, Hoping you stay on and become a regular here.


  6. Intruiging...
    I always knew i dated the wrong kinda women..

  7. @Roc: Lol. They are a handful.!!! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around.

  8. what about those of us who played soccer? we can be hot too.lol that sounds so wrong!lol


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