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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

O on: help me find it

It's official, I have lost my modjo.

I should have known when i had no new material for weeks to share with my wonderful cyber-familia.

The bells should have started ringing when i would leave sms's from "friends" unreplied.

But nooooo, it had to take 2 incidents in a space of 5 days to wake me up to the fact that.

Yuppp I've lost the art, will, skill and ability to cross the finish line..

And that sucks big time.

Could it be because i haven't met anyone interesting enough to hold my attention?


Or perhaps i was emasculated in my sleep.

I sincerely hope not.

Two back to back incidents were all it takes to show me i have a problem. The Slytherin and the Matrix.

This past week i decided to take a long weekend off so i skipped town on thursday to visit a city that used to be one of my old haunts. i went loaded for bear as i always do whenever i'm going on long weekends.

Lube................ Check
12 pack........... Check
Bullet.............. Check
Velcro ropes.... Check

See, i was loaded for bear

So i get to the side and head off straight to the hotel before calling up my old posse. Your boy is in town gather up the commission.
3 hours later and a few bottles of vino down the hatch to support some mama Ebo pepper rice, my man jokes gives me a heads up during our catch up.

J: guess what?
O: tell me
J: Slytherin lives here now
O: for real, do you have her number?
J: yeah it's 070-slytherin
Back in the day the slytherin was queen. MY would say muy bastante caliente with a mean bone in her body. The slytherin was a seductress and she took the term use and abuse to the next level. She had become a doctor and now practiced in the side. Apparently she still hadn't changed except become a lot hotter so of course yours truly jumped straight in. The slytherin was gonna be my bear.

I gave her a call and we hooked up. and for 2 day, we played a no holds barred mental chess game to see who would succumb. The night before i was to leave after dinner and a coupla bottles of vino and some added inspiration, she threw it wide open.

S: Let's ditch these guys and head up to my place i've got a plan that will make the night a lot more interesting

That was it!!!!

That was all i needed to go for checkmate.

Right now i would have been dishing out some really graphic details of a night well spent.

But no, no, no my modjo just had to be AWOL and the next thing i know, i find myself in Jokes' car telling him to drive away and take me back to my hotel.

I just didn't "feel" like it any more.

To borrow an expression from MY,


On the plane on my way back I consoled myself with....

" maybe now you only like the chase and not the kill"

And I actually believed that.

Then I met Matrix the next day and this time it was worse.

Post is getting too Long so i'll tell you about The Matrix some other time..



  1. A brotha's got to do what a brotha's got to do...be back to read about that matrix.

  2. i have always tot the chase part was the fun part too.

  3. we seem to be having lots of cases of lost mojos. maybe there's a mojo convention and they all went there?

  4. the chase is far better than the kill
    I'll be back to read about Matrix


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