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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MY on: Lyrical Seduction

My satin soul,

I keep asking myself what am i gonna do with you? wondering Is this the way love feels? I find myself day dreaming about wanting you to do it to me one more time. Our nite shift yesterday left me thinking mercy mercy me. I am now in the zone to understand Billy Paul's me and Mrs Jones. I'm going to stop fighting this and struggle no more, I'm just going to accept this love TKO. Sugarplum, I've got so much to give you and the sweet thing I'm feeling is so bad that I wonder if you know like I know that i am crazy about you.

I know neither one of us expected things would develop so fast. I mean, how do we go from being Just friends to being caught up in the rapture of love? My inner being yells don't be a fool at me just float on the wings of love. Boo You see the trouble with me is I've never experienced sweet love. Now I just want to be close to you because your sweetness is my weakness.

Somebody once told me "dude practice what you preach" so from now on, that's what I'm gonna do. On two occasions You said "If you want it you've got it forever" well, I want it and I'm gonna love you forever. who knows... perhaps you're God's angel sent to set me free. To me you're the sun.. you're the rain and I'm never never gonna give you up . In case you saw my missed call this morning, I just called to say I'm in this for the long haul so don't you forget it.

Baby girl let's get it on tonight. As soon as i get home. I wanna play the kissing game cos you know I love playing your game baby. Let the music play right before I turn off the lights and light a candle. Girl you know that I'm qualified to satisfy you so close the door and take me in your arms while I call your name whispering I'll take you there as I nibble on your ears till you slowly erupt screaming don't stop as we head into the love zone.

Don't cross over yet hermosa, stay with me. I'm gonna slow things down a tad so easy easy, got to take it easy. I still have a lil sumthin sumthin in store for us cos Tonight intend to make sure you keep coming back for more. The time for pillow talk will come much later right now I just want you to do it to me one more time while we feel the fire. When we lie down all spent having that talk, I'm just gonna ask one thing is it still good to ya? cos for me it's Ecstasy when you lay down next to me.


Ps. The italicized words a titles to tracks from soul's legends.


  1. there was a time when i use to speak in *music* or should i say *lyrics*.
    love the 4th paragraph.

    thanks for stopping by.

  2. wow! 1st!!!!!
    in the words of eddie murphy in "Bow Finger" "got you suckers"
    love that movie

  3. Splash... Thank you for stopping By

  4. Good one Cerberus... Now you've forced us guys to have to step up our game!

  5. was grinning like crazy while i was reading this! u covered all your bases!

    wairraminute though! i thought this was MY, but the post says O

    *note to self* this is why you do/dont mess with the cerberus - u get three for the price of one!

  6. where on earth is my comment!

  7. Someone's obviously getting high on Soul Music

  8. Moi, je suis tres confusedoroza.....

  9. Bumight.... Boo you know who you got

    Sirius... Hope you're enjoying the playlist

    Plumbline... Yup high on it till i'm cuckoo

    Temite... Por qoui?


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