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Monday, July 20, 2009

M on: letting go or Holding on

This post may or may not make sense to you. It's just a jumble of thoughts in my head that have produced utter confusion
Read this article but here's the synopisis:

The couple wed after losing each other for 16 years.

They fell in love when Spaniard Carmen was a foreign student staying in Torbay where Steve lives.

They became engaged but Carmen returned to France - and they drifted apart.

Mr Smith originally wrote to Ms Ruiz-Perez's flat in Paris but she had moved and his letter went unanswered.

Still determined to trace his lost love, he wrote her another letter and sent it via her mother's villa in Spain

The letter was put on the mantelpiece and forgotten about before it slipped down the back of the fireplace.

The letter was found 10 years later during renovation work.

she called him on his old cell phone that he didn't change

2 days after meeting up, 17 years after they first met at age 42 they married.

I guess this does give credence to the saying "if you love something, let it go. If it's yours it'll find it's way back to you" But as i was reading this, Teddy P was busy strumming my ears with Love TKO which does create a bit of a contradiction.

leading me to the question,

when do you let go and accept "another love TKO?"

I know someone who still harbors the hope that a girl from his past will one day come back into his life. Years down the line he's still offering "contract employment" Just in case she does want the full time position.

MY OPINION: He's headed down the loneliness autobahn.

but then i read this news article again and wonder to myself...... 17 years!!!!!

It leaves me speechless and my court of personal opinion severely constricted....

* I think I'm gonna go have a conversation with MY*



  1. Love is blind, but it's the blindness that often leads...
    Go ahead and have that conversation -better late than never eh??

  2. I wonder the same!
    When do you let go?

    (Hopefully i come up with an answer)

  3. oh this is beautiful story...saying that living life for tomorrow means one is always a day away from their dreams being realised...hope is the quintessential human delusion but it is also what make us quintessentially human

  4. I say if you love something fight for it.
    Jesus is the best example to use.

    He loves us- And so He fought for us.

    Better get your behind up and out- fight for what you believe in.

    Every second counts

  5. @~Sirius~: Really? Wen will you know to stop fighting biko? When its too late? How long is too long to keep fighting?
    IMO, when it has gone, forget it. Dont even think about whether or not it will come back. Waste of brain power.
    Rmba the movie Love and Basketball? At the end, when she challenged him to a one on one?
    IMO, stupid move. But he loved her too so, it worked. Then again, its a damn movie so....OFCOURSE he loved her...
    but whateva...

    Ah, Ive done a mini blog here.
    Cerberus sorry o!

  6. lol....thats just stupid...17years??na wa oh.

  7. Bloggoratti... Then we ask ourselves when does ration overcome emotion?

    Chayoma.... When you do, do please let me know

    Shubby doo...when do you cross from hope to downright delusion?

    Sirius...but when do you cross from hope to downright delusion?

    Fabulola... Nothing Do you

    Leggy...My thoughts too but then 17 years later, they are married so is it just stupid or am i the one being stupid?

  8. Funny in actually in Torbay at the mo and i'm a foreign student. hehehe.

    Wow, 17 yrs is a reallllllllllly long time tho, but good for them.
    As for ur friend....well it is kinda cute that he's holding out for her, but if she's moved on with her life, then maybe he needs to stop offering "contract employment" and go full time instead.

  9. lol @ "contract employment"

    on a more seriuos note, sometimes waiting is stupid but if u are damn sure the other person is wasting time with others, then sit back relax and the person'll come right back. buttt if the person has so obviously moved on, then F it, you'd better do the same. someone else will love u

  10. some people have it and some don't

    i don't know if i could wait for love that long
    or i don't know if i have found love worth waiting for

    All those movies i have watched are just messing with my head

    I believe in God's love sha
    Those people make my heart ache!
    with what i don't know
    and may never find out


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